Crown Proceeds with Forfeiture Hearing on Montague Home

Ontario Crown Counsel is moving forward with their attempted theft of the Montague family home.  Using the civil forfeiture provisions of the Proceeds of Crime Act, senior counsel James McKeachie sent the following letter to the Montagues on September 17th.

17 September 2010

I am writing you to you directly because I understand from our previous communications that you do not have a lawyer fro the Civil Remedies Act matter. If you now have counsel or instruct counsel in the future, kindly give them this correspondence.

The Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed your appeal of your criminal and constitutional matters. The civil matter named above was stayed on the understanding that it would give you an opportunity to attend to your criminal and constitutional matters first. Then, once these matters were dealt with, you could then deal with your civil matters related to the forfeiture of property at 2269 Highway 105 in Rugby Township. As that time has come, it would be appropriate to set up a timetable for delivery of materials, cross-examinations, and a court date for the forfeiture hearing.

Yours truly,


James McKeachie
Senior Counsel

If you believe, as I do, that this action is unwarranted, please write to Mr. McKeachie at the address below and ask that he drop the civil proceedings against the Montague family.

James McKeachie
Crown Counsel
Civil Remedies for Illicit Activities
700 Bay St
Toronto On
M5G 1Z6

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