America! Take a lesson from Canada on how to treat girls selling lemonade!

Jane Gaffin just sent me a link to an article that highlights one of the differences between Canada and the United States that America really needs to embrace: Lemonade Liberation!

Over the past few months I’ve written about the Lemonade Freedom Martyrs and their horrific treatment at the hands of extremely thuggish US Law Enforcement personnel.

As I wrote about in my article  “Lemonade Liberation” and Lemonade Freedom Martyrs are… get this: Top of the Terrorist Threat List!, Kathryn Dill, William Duffield and Meg McLain were all treated like terrorists for having the audacity to point out to US Law Enforcement how ridiculous they were for threatening to arrest 10-year-old kids for buying and/or selling lemonade this summer.

It all kicked off when jackass bylaws were passed that made it a crime for kids to sell lemonade on their front lawns, a summer pastime enjoyed by generations, a subject I cover in my article The War On Lemonade and the Girls Who Make it.

Like so many others, I was thoroughly disgusted with the moronic local politicians that refused to see what effect their asinine laws would have on this summer tradition and the girls who faithfully provided glasses of refreshing lemonade to any and all passersby.

I was even more disgusted with the browbeating thugs who felt it necessary to terrorize young girls who dared try to earn a few bucks to go to a water park.

Don’t even get me started on that complete and utter waste of clean air, Midway Police Chief Kelly Morningstar. She was the moron who had the audacity to claim “police didn’t know how the lemonade was made, who made it or what was in it.”

Most of all, of course, I was outraged by the treatment of Kathryn Dill, William Duffield and Meg McLain on Capitol Hill as I watched video of kids being threatened with arrest if they dared buy a glass of lemonade.

About the only thing that heartened me, aside from the obvious joy of watching Dill, Duffield and McLain work their Lemonade Liberation Magic, of course, was watching those same kids who had just been threatened by police just calmly shrug their shoulders and step to the front of the line.

That sight gave me great hope for our future.

But to the point of this entire tirade already, right?  Right.

This past summer, while girls across America were being terrorized by local authorities for their heinous Lemonade Libations (okay, I admit that’s really reaching, but I couldn’t help myself) 12-year-old Kendra Clayton was merrily selling lemonade, brownies and Oreo cookies to anyone who cared to patronize her Lemonade Stand that sat near Cunard Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

12-year-old Kendra Clayton and her lemonade sign. (Photo Credit: Adrien Veczan - )

That’s right.

All summer long she sold lemonade unmolested by government thugs of any level of government.

It’s not that we don’t have government thugs in Canada… every government has its share unfortunately… it’s just that in Halifax, Nova Scotia, at least, they saw no reason to harass a 12-year-old kid trying to earn money to buy herself a back-to-school wardrobe.

How awesome is that?


Kendra, 12, took home $250 in profit by selling lemonade at 50 cents a pop. She made enough to buy the back-to-school wardrobe of her dreams, leaving her parents out of the shopping (her older sister was allowed to help).

“I just wanted to make some money for myself,” said the soft-spoken girl, showing off trendy white shorts and a purple plaid shirt.

America, take note!  The Lemonade Liberation Movement is alive and well,  just north of the 49th…  and it’s preparing to invade your nation next summer!  (No doubt some of those subversive Lemonade Liberationists are already on their way…)

You Have Been Warned! 


2 thoughts on “America! Take a lesson from Canada on how to treat girls selling lemonade!

  1. Good morning Chris nice article , she bought clothes from New york according to the article. sold lemonade in Canada to shop american.

  2. Good for Kendra, and good for Canada. And good for the US since Kendra bought her clothes in NY. Everyone wins when girls sell lemonade ;-)


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