Donna Montague and the Possible Seizure of her Home by the Ontario Government

I had a long talk with Donna Montague last night, and so far, the news is good, if by good news you mean no news.  So far there is no word from the Ontario Attorney General’s office regarding their forfeiture application for the Montague family home under Ontario’s Proceeds of Crime Act.

“This is all so unbelievable. These proceedings have revealed a parliamentary and judicial system that is spinning out of control.  They can and will do whatever they choose.  They do have the power!  It upsets me that they are not content with winning,” she said.

” Now I’m praying he’ll be home for Christmas. Bruce and I both hope that now that they’ve won (the Supreme Court refused to hear the Montague’s appeal) they can show a little mercy and not completely and utterly destroy us, by destroying our life’s savings (the seized property) and taking our home (proceeds of crime).”

When I told her there was a lot of talk on the internet forums and newsletters about the possible house seizure and that people wanted to know how to help, and that people wanted to support the family while Bruce is in jail, she was silent for a moment.

“I have a job.  Financially things are fine.  The family bills get paid.  It’s not a problem.  Where we need help is if they decide they want to take away my home.  If people feel they want to help, please ask them to contribute to the trust fund.”

Donna was referring to the legal defense fund created after Bruce and Donna were arrested in 2004.

From the beginning the Montague family has refused donations to themselves personally.  I know.  I’ve tried on occasion to help out financially with the family bills.

“Put it in the trust fund or put it back in your pocket,” was Bruce’s standard response.

Tonight Donna’s response was essentially the same.  Put it in the trust fund to help them fight the house seizure and to fight for the return of all their property that was taken but had nothing to do with the case.

Both of those battles are yet to come, and lawyer Doug Christie is working on a letter to Crown Counsel regarding the seized property already.

So if you want to help the Montague family out, the best way to do that is to send your donation to:

Bruce Montague Scrap C-68 Fund
c/o Roger Nordlund, Trustee,
RR#2, Site 211, Box 7,
Dryden, Ontario, P8N 2Y5

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