Toronto Police search apartment, leave a loaded shotgun behind

It’s just a bad joke, right?  Toronto Police serve a search warrant on an apartment in a building they’ve been to many times, while armed to the teeth.  It’s become standard practice  across Canada (being armed to the teeth) when serving search warrants.

But leave a loaded shotgun behind?

We’re just lucky we haven’t had too many cases of “murder by cop” like the Arizona case of Jose Guerena, who was gunned down by a Pima County SWAT team allegedly serving a search warrant on his home.

It’s not that we haven’t had those cases.  We have, but that’s not the point of this column.  The point of this column is police ineptitude.

I’m not sure what else you could call it.  You’re a cop serving a search warrant on what you consider to be a high-risk address… so you leave your loaded shotgun on a bed when you leave?

Hyacinth Moore makes no bones about the fact the police were there, or that they’ve been there before.  Her kids aren’t exactly model citizens.  Nether are the rest of the residents of the building, if police are to be believed.

On the day they left their loaded shotgun behind, Toronto Police Services responded to their building 4 times.  That’s in just one day.

This time police were searching her home for something, although nobody knows exactly what that something was.

Why is that?  The search warrant has been sealed.

All Detective-Sergeant Steve Foden would say was this:

“This apartment is known to have lots of firearms. The last one before this was, let’s see. March 11, 2011, a call for firearms, mischief, weapons.”

It seems clear that Ms. Moore’s children are far from saints.  Like all mothers, she does her best to protect her children.  It’s natural.

Apparently just as natural as police covering up for police.

There is no report of anyone from the Toronto Police Services  [allegedly] “misplacing” a shotgun.  There is, of course, a record of the 911 call that Hyacinth Moore placed to let the police know they’d forgotten something after trashing her home.

Isn’t that interesting…

Detective-Sergeant Steve Foden would not make any comment about the incident, and says he never heard about anyone leaving a shotgun behind.

After being pressed by reporters, Foden finally admitted that yes, it is possible it could have happened and the police officer involved did not report it.

“It’s in their interest not to admit they left a loaded shotgun in my son’s room,” Hyacinth Moore said.

The Fat Blue Line has struck again…

“Evil” citizens can do no right, and “good” cops can do no wrong.

Not even when they [allegedly] leave loaded shotguns in someone’s home.


8 thoughts on “Toronto Police search apartment, leave a loaded shotgun behind

  1. Hyacinth Moore claims that she has a photo of the alleged shotgun that was left behind. As of yet, no one has seen this photo and there is absolutely no reason for her not to show it if it does in fact exist. Seems highly more likely to me that this entire family of ghetto trash have an axe to grind with police and would be willing to lie, or do any number of nefarious things for that matter, to make the Police look bad.

    Making statements like ” Her kids aren’t exactly model citizens.”, and “It seems clear that Ms. Moore’s children are far from saints. Like all mothers, she does her best to protect her children. It’s natural.” does nothing but downplay the fact that these “kids” are criminals and well known to Police. This type of people don’t work, they leech off of the taxpayers by collecting welfare and whatever other hand-outs they can get and when they regularly engage in criminal behaviour like drug dealing, theft, assault etc they try to claim that there is something wrong with society or Police that has caused them to behave in this manner. The bottom line is that they are just human refuse, bottom feeders and it is well within the realm of possibility, and highly likely that this incident has been manufactured with the intent to discredit our Police.

    Why would this Hyacinth Moore not only photograph the gun in question but also record the serial number so that there could be no mistaking who the gun, if it actually even exists, belongs to? Police haters, like yourself, are far to quick to jump and blame police when, as of yet, there is absolutely no proof to these allegations.

    “Hyacinth Moore makes no bones about the fact the police were there, or that they’ve been there before. Her kids aren’t exactly model citizens. Nether are the rest of the residents of the building, if police are to be believed.”

    It’s laughable that you question what Police say about the other residents of that building. Have you ever been to that neighbourhood? It’s a shithole inhabited by many more welfare leeching wastes of humanity and Police are called to the building the Moores live in as well as others in the area way too often. Hell, if you look at Hyacinth Moore posing for the pic that was shown in the Toronto Sun, she looks almost proud to have her pic in the paper.

    Tellya what. Until some actual proof is revealed to support Hyacinth Moore’s allegation that a shotgun, belonging to Police, was left behind, why don’t you get off of our Police Officers’ backs and not be a part of the problem. They have a difficult job to do and hindering them by throwing around unproven allegations makes you as much a part of the problem as this black trash that keeps the cops running back to the that neighbourhood, as well as many others, way too often.

    So she has a photo, let’s see it. Let’s also see the serial number from the gun because without that, a photo of a gun is simply that, a photo of a gun. A gun that could belong to anyone and given that Hyacinth Moore’s sons are known to Police on weapons related charges that shotgun could belong to them as easily as belonging to Police. I would think that if this Hyacinth Moore person had verifiable proof of this incident, not only would that proof be made available to Police and the media, but I’m sure that some sort of civil lawsuit would have been announced by now. It’s looks far more likely that this is just a smear campaign perpetrated by a bunch of ghetto trash or hood rats, if you prefer, in an attempt to discredit our Police.

  2. WOW !! You are a breath of freash air TMG !! I’m all about the facts ! Thankyou so much for your comment . I beleive in freedom of speech but I have found the people on christoper’s site are all about bashing cops and make rather ridiculas and slanderus comments. This is what I like swift and true to the point !
    Thx again, TMG

    1. If all you see is “cop bashing” then you’re not paying attention. Yes, this particular post is very one-sided, but that’s because the police refuse to give their side of the story. The only thing that is on record is her 911 call reporting the shotgun.

      If you actually read my articles where I criticize police, you will note that I never ever say “all cops are scumbags” for the simple reason that it’s not true. The vast majority of cops are good people and I make that point routinely.

      Not ALL cops are good people, however.

      I quite often make my opinion known about what I think about the actions of individual police members, such as Geoff Mantler, Monty Robinson and, for more recent examples, Edmonton’s Mike Wasylyshen and the three unnamed men who beat the crap out of Sammy Sobieh.

      If you believe pointing out the documented facts about men such as these is “cop bashing” then there is nothing I or anyone else can say that will change your mind. However, *I* did not make up Mike Wasylyshen’s actions, for example, any more than I made up the actions of Geoff Mandler or Monty Robinson. I merely reported the facts as expressed in the actual court documents and displayed on publicly available video.

      How is that “cop bashing”?

      Are you going to say that my article paying tribute to fallen TPS Sergeant Ryan Russell, or my reporting of Jeff Alderdice’s amazing act in response to that death while serving in Afghanistan is “cop bashing”? Or how about off-duty Patrick Sirois last Thanksgiving, pushing a total stranger out of the way of the oncoming car that killed him instead? Or Jeremy Henwood who bought a young kid, a total stranger, a meal before being gunned down for no reason just minutes later?

      More examples of my “cop bashing”?

      I’m ecstatic to write about police doing great things and try quite hard to find them. I write about them when I do, such as the amazing examples above. I even have a section devoted to fallen police men and women called Officer Down, where I express my disgust with the people who murder good cops.

      If you’ve got an open mind, you’ll check out that section or find the articles on the amazing men listed above by doing a simple search for their names on this site. You’ll probably not want to make the effort though, preferring to label me a “cop basher” and be done with it.

      When bad cops do bad things, yes, I write about them.

      Don’t you think people have a right to know about the people who really shouldn’t be carrying badges and guns?

      We “mere citizens” have Rights. The sad truth of the matter is there are cops who violate those rights on a routine basis. You’ll have to explain to me how writing about that kind of cop is bad or wrong, because I believe we need to know about them. Like all bad things, they are the minority that gets the majority of the press time.

      Got a great story about a cop doing something incredibly? PLEASE!!! send it to me. I’d much rather write about a Jeremy Henwood, a Patrick Sirois, a Ryan Russell, a Jeff Alderdice, a Kyle Pagerly, a Suzanne Waughtel-Hoppe or a Chief Ralph Painter. Those are the kind of cops we need a lot more of.

  3. Thank you for your comment Christopher but I think you didn’t read my comment correctly . I said I have found the people who write into your site like to do a lot of cop bashing . I do and have read your comments about good cops. And appreciate you writing about them . And yes there is always a bad apple in the barrel . I just enjoy someone who can write a good comment such as yourself . Thx,Joan

  4. Hi, its not about cop bashing it is the person who betrays any oath. for instance what about this true story. a large male baraicades himself into his place on selkirk in victoria and yells he has a gun, then holds the SWAT team off in a 13 hour stand off. he terrorizes the whole block and destroys the building. he is not arrested . he is in a mental institution for a short stint then his accomplice gets him out and they con thier way into the lives of others and committ more violent offences 3 months after his release . a break and enters robbery, assault and threaten to kill the resident who ended up in hospital with multiple injuires and needed 12 exrays. No charges laid free to go as is now back in victoria. any ideas

    1. Can you add a link to any news stories about the case you mention, Diane? I wasn’t able to find anything at all when I tried, but then I don’t know when it was either. All I could find were recent things that didn’t match the details you wrote.

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