Jesse Hardin supports Katey Montague’s New Freedom Venture

Jesse L. “Wolf” Hardin, old west storyteller, writer and artist, is throwing his support behind a bright young woman from Ontario, Katey Montague.

Hardin, the author of a book of stories of the old west, “Old Guns and Whispering Ghosts” has donated hundreds of copies of his book to help Katey raise funds for her website devoted to “the protection of our God-given Rights and Freedom,”

Katey Montague, as you probably already know, is the young woman behind the YouTube channel KateysFirearmsFacts.  She has used video to highlight many defects in Canada’s Firearms Act, especially the way it is enforced on ordinary, law-abiding Canadians.  Her YouTube videos have received over 1.2 million views since she began creating them after her father’s arrest for violating the Act back in 2004.

Hardin decided to support Katey’s new venture after seeing a preview of her new website and the first issue of her “Rights and Freedom Bulletin“, a weekly pdf newsletter that highlights current events affecting our rights and freedom.  Jesse was impressed with Katey’s understanding of the concept of freedom, as well as her determination to protect her rights.

“She gets it, you know?” he said in an interview.  “How can I not support someone who gets it at her age?  She gives me great hope for our future on both sides of the border.”

Using some of the multimedia tools inherent in Adobe Acrobat’s pdf format, she is able to provide a brief overview of a topic and provide a clickable link to more detailed information online.

“I’m just making use of the tools that are out there.  It’s nothing special”, she says.

“I want to help people get the most up-to-date information.  If people don’t know about what’s happening, they can’t do anything to help.”

She made the decision to ask for help to get the work on her website completed a couple of months ago.  While she has been working on the website design and all of the site’s content since the beginning of the year, school and work commitments made completing the site seem impossible.

“With working all summer to pay for university, and my second year at Brock starting, I didn’t have time to get everything done myself.  It wasn’t happening. Then when Jesse Hardin said he’d help, I was totally amazed.”

Jesse has donated 200 copies of his book Old Guns and Whispering Ghosts, and has asked Katey to give a copy to anyone who donates $100 or more to Katey to help her pay for the writers and programmers she needs to complete her website.

“Jesse is such a generous guy!”

While Katey’s battle began with guns, she decided it had to expand it further if she was to reach more people.

“Guns are such a divisive issue.  That’s why I started working on this. It has to move beyond just guns.  Sure, they’re important, but so are all our property rights.  So is free speech.  So is freedom of assembly.  It’s all important, and it all needs to be fought for.  I’ve built up such a great following on YouTube, and will continue to use my vidoes to promote freedom.  But it was time to move to the next step, and that’s where the website comes in.”

The goal of her website is to give people the tools they need to be more effective politically.  She’s been working with a software development company to bring some of her ideas to life.  She won’t go into detail on what those software tools are, at least not yet.  She says she will have a lot more to say once both the software and website are finished.

“I’m also working with some people to develop a bunch of online training modules to help educate people about their rights, where they come from and how they can help defend them. I want people to have the information at their fingertips, not have to search all over the net or sit in a library for weeks and weeks to dig this stuff up.”

“Will my website be for everyone?  Of course not.  Lots of people aren’t interested in their rights.  Lots don’t even know what they are!  I’m only interested in reaching the people who want to know more, who want to do whatever they can protect their rights for future generations.”

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