Katey Montague’s Rights and Freedom Bulletin

If you’ve ever wondered if there is any hope for our future, look no further than Katey Montague. She’s building a website devoted to protecting and defending our God-given Rights and is dedicated to winning that fight.

For the past few weeks she has been encouraging people to support the opposition MPs who previously voted to scrap Canada’s long gun registry through Candice Hoeppner’s private members’ Bill C-391.

To have her weekly Rights and Freedom Bulletin delivered directly to you, just sign up at her website.  And if you want to donate to the fund dedicated to getting that website, associated software and infrastructure completed, you can do that by clicking on the “ChipIn!” button below:

2 thoughts on “Katey Montague’s Rights and Freedom Bulletin

  1. I have a great idea and am willing to put my money where my mouth is…screw the expense, this is a worthy cause.

    We have an opportunity to kill the injustice by an act that will do much to show Bruce and his family how they are cherished and loved and it is within our power to do so starting now.

    I am sure there are at least a thousand of us gun owners who feel Bruce should be rewarded for the bs that the corrupt system and its pos fascist liberals within imposed on Bruce and his family.

    We have the power right now to reward him and kick sand in the faces of the enemies of justice and freedom.

    I am also sure that there are many more who feel this injustice needs to be corrected.

    Why do not we all contribute to a retirement fund for Bruce and his family, a compensation if you will that he deserves. It has to be enough to look after him to the end. It should be a million minimum!

    How about it Christopher, what do you think, this is your site. We can easily give Bruce some security and this would be a small price to pay. We need to show by action what not only Bruce and his family mean to us but what freedom and justice mean as well. We need to send a message to the damned system that says you pos will not be allowed to persecute an innocent man and that we hate the system and will not allow this to continue.

    Perhaps the people who handled the defence fund would arrange this event and we could target it happening complete within the year.

    This is one thing the damned system and its cowards, liars and fascists cannot stop. Let us show the pos that their corruption and fascism is not acceptable.

    It is an event the gun clubs all across the province should get on board with, numbers can make this happen and I see no better way to repay Bruce and tell the corrupt world we reject them and the injustice, lies, and persecution.

    One thousand times one thousand is a million, not to mention the many donations of more or less, according as each is able.

    This would make me feel good and I know it would make all of you feel good as well.


    1. Edward, I think it’s a great idea and I can’t think of a more worthy couple. You wrote, “It is an event the gun clubs all across the province should get on board with“… and I would dearly love for them all to prove me wrong, but our legal defense fundraising efforts were successful in spite of the attitude of the majority of gun clubs, not because of them.

      Setting up something like this wouldn’t be onerous, but I don’t think the Canadian Constitution Foundation would handle it simply because they are not designed to do so. They are a legal defense registered charity, and all money they raise goes toward funding legal cases like Bruce’s… not to give money to them.

      Please contact me privately (support@christopherdiarmani.org) and we can discuss this more. It will take a little to work out the details but I’m certainly game and I, like you, believe there are many Canadians who would like to do right by the Montague family for all they’ve suffered on our behalf.

      Yours in Liberty,


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