BC public holds corrupt government accountable for their lies and kills HST deal

I’ve got to say this:  I’m proud of my fellow British Columbians today.  I’m not going to get into the debate over whether the HST is a good thing or a bad thing for the province.  That’s been debated enough.

What I will get into though, is how awesome it is that here in British Columbia we have done what everyone said was impossible: we held our lying politicians to account for their lies.  I love that.

From the Elections BC website, here is the official tally:

% of valid votes voting Yes 54.73%
% of valid votes voting No 45.27%


The process of ridding the province of its Hated Sales Tax will drag out as long as bureaucratically possible, I’m sure.

Hopefully this is a lesson that Christy Clark takes to heart before the next election.  While she inherited the mess from her predecessor, she also stood up for it despite all the opposition, and promoted it as something good for BC.

That’s her opinion, and she is entitled to it, of course.  It’s just that her opinion doesn’t jibe with that of the majority of the people who will be voting for the NEXT premier of BC.

If she wants our votes, perhaps she will do something radical, like earning them, instead of being just one more political hack on the entitlement gravy train.

Taxes are always “revenue-neutral” when politicians introduce them… but my wallet never sees it that way, does yours?

1 thought on “BC public holds corrupt government accountable for their lies and kills HST deal

  1. I am always amazed at the omnipresent lunatic fringe (45.27%) that would vote for a clear act of theft from their families…it makes no sense…

    Perhaps I am naive but could this be the same virus that gave the federal liberals their long and destructive run?


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