After violating his Constitutional Rights, Florida School rescinds suspension of Teacher of the Year

In a glaring act of cowardice the Lake County School Board suspended Jerry Buell, last year’s Teacher of the Year, for a post he made to his personal Facebook page supporting traditional marriage.

They were afraid someone might take offense.

As I wrote yesterday, the complainant had never even been one of Mr. Buell’s students, just another social busybody who stuck their nose in where it didn’t belong.  What’s more reprehensible, the person who made the complaint or the school board that is so politically-correct that it kowtows to every whim that passes before it?

I’m undecided.

An obvious and blatant violation of Mr. Buell’s constitutional rights, the suspension was lifted today after school board officials, sick of pressure from an outraged public, reversed their asinine decision.

According to a just-held press conference by Mr. Buell and his legal representation, Liberty Counsel Attorney Harry Mihet, outside the Lake County Board of Education Administration Building, the school board acknowledged it violated Mr. Buell’s First Amendment rights by suspending him.

That’s great news for Jerry Buell, his students, and for freedom.

All that remains now is the civil lawsuit against the school board for their actions, with a penalty high enough that they will actually think before they act next time.

I hate petty, politically-correct bureaucrats.

Congratulations to Tim Wildmon and the American Family Association for being at the forefront of this particular battle.  Apparently they managed to get tens of thousands of letters, emails and phone calls of outrage sent to these morons in just a couple of days.  Great job Tim!


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