“Lemonade Liberation” and Lemonade Freedom Martyrs are… get this: Top of the Terrorist Threat List!

Have the morons running Washington, DC (and the rest of the country) completely LOST THEIR MINDS?

The answer, sadly, is yes.  I wrote about the ridiculous acts of the Capitol Police and their need to arrest, handcuff and forcibly drag away three Lemonade Freedom Martyrs for their dastardly crime of selling lemonade for 10 cents a cup.

Lemonade Freedom Day was supposed to be a day where we could pound some common sense back into the heads of our employees… but they will have none of it. The rules, as Bureaucratic Rule #1 states, are more important than people, and when you break moronic rules created by fools, the full weight of The State comes crashing down on your head.

I am incredibly grateful to Kathryn Dill, William Duffield and Meg McLain for so vividly pointing out that the federal monster has lost all sense of reason, decency and common sense.  I’m also grateful to those people who videotaped the event so the rest of the world can see the stage where the next world riots are likely to take place, and for the same reason they’ve been happening around the world:

Governments, mad with their lust for power, have finally gone too far.

But most of all I am grateful for those little children caught in the videos who, after being threatened by thugs with badges and guns, simply shrugged their shoulders  and bought their cup of lemonade anyway.

When even the smallest of children understand that stupid rules being enforced by mindless drones at the barrel of a gun is wrong, can the riots we’ve seen around the world this past year be far behind?

Tyranny comes in all shapes and sizes.  Over the past many months, case after case of children being brutalized by police for the “crime” of selling lemonade has shocked and disgusted me and everyone I know.

The ONLY people who are NOT shocked and horrified seems to be the idiot politicians who passed these laws in the first place and the dumbass cops they send to enforce them.

If I sound pissed off, it’s only because I am.

I’m pissed off because government authorities, whenever they are faced with an act of civil disobedience so mind-numbingly obvious as selling lemonade on Capitol Hill to protest the ridiculous treatment of children and their lemonade stands across America, feel compelled to physically abuse, sexually fondle the genitals of female “criminals” and accuse them of being terrorists!

First, we were placed in a cage in the back of a van and taken to the police station.  Upon arriving, police took Will inside, leaving Kathryn and I in the sweltering cage.  The men in blue guarding our cage continually taunted us; making jokes and expressing their enjoyment of “locking us away for the weekend”, and how our arrests were “marvelous”.  When it was my turn to enter booking, I was taken to a room where I was photographed, forced to remove my jewelry and shoes, then cuffed to a bar while an officer rubbed every part of my body, including my breasts and vagina.  I was then led down the hall to a small room where I would spend the next 4 hours chained to the wall.  — Meg McLain — political prisoner de jour.

If you’re NOT pissed off about this, then I’ve really got to question your comprehension of the simple concept of Freedom, the United Constitution and Bill of Rights, not to mention your apparent devotion to the Nanny State.

We all owe a great debt of gratitude to the three Lemonade  Liberation Martyrs and everyone who was on Capitol Hill recording the events and most of all, the brave patrons who purchased their cups of lemonade even after being threatened by police.

I personally am indebted to Meg McLain for her willingness to write about her experience at the hands of the “Lemonade Freedom Anti-Terrorist Squad”, for lack of a better term…

After a couple of hours, a man in jeans and a blue shirt came into my room with a notepad and paper.  While I don’t remember the name of his job title (Capitol Criminal Investigator or something like that), he basically explained that he investigated organizations that the government believed to be potential terrorist, and the “Lemonade Liberation” had become their newest big threat.

He’s got to be kidding, right?  Folks selling lemonade at 10 cents a cup… terrorists???

Although friendly and very light hearted, he seemed aggravated with the lack of information I was giving him.

Tough shit.  Act like an idiot, and Meg will treat you like one.  Yay Meg!

He wanted to know who the leaders of the organization were [none]; where we held our meetings [we never had any]; where we are based out of [everywhere]; what other plans we had [none]; and a whole line of ridiculous questions that were geared towards finding dangerous, violent, angry people.  Thats not us.

Do these people actually take themselves seriously?  Are there not some ACTUAL criminals and/or terrorists they could be tracking down?  Surely there’s got to be a greater threat to National Security than this young woman!

 After several hours of friendly, yet inappropriate questioning, I finally asked,

“Where is your line in the sand?  At what point do you say, ‘No. That goes too far, and I’m not willing to do that to peaceful people’?  Because if you don’t know where that line is, you’re gonna blindly cross it one day, and regret it for the rest of your life.”

It was at that point he fell silent, then left without saying another word.

What an absolutely  perfect question to ask her interrogator.

Has that line been crossed? Obviously I believe the answer is YES, but Meg McLain summarizes what I believe to be the most profound truth about this entire event at the end of her narrative on the day’s events when she says,

While being arrested is not something I enjoy, I am honored I had the opportunity to participate in such a beautiful demonstration of innocence and peace; and shine light on how it is under attack by the very people sworn to protect it.

But the real heros of the day were those who ignored the threats of arrest and made their way around the police to purchase a cup of lemonade.

To see a child shrug at a cop’s threat, then defiantly disobey it… it was inspirational, and gave me hope for the inevitable positive change that will come from all this.

Perhaps the riots seen around the world still have a chance of being avoided in America.


These children, through their simple act of disobedience to an unjust authority, show me there is still hope for a saner future.


1 thought on ““Lemonade Liberation” and Lemonade Freedom Martyrs are… get this: Top of the Terrorist Threat List!

  1. I agree completely with all of the above. My rage is matched for same reasons. well we can use laws to combat these evil uniforemd gun toten government reprobates.
    Maybe instead of terrorizing kids they should go after real criminals and terrorist. such as those who run companies for profit that break laws but are possible financing terrorism right here from canada. Names available on request. there is criminal negligence when it comce to kids and also dperaved indifference. check out socipath and psycho path and see police under description and those who acted on this lemonade issues. Has no one read or seen Norman Rockewlls rendition of things. How can we as people turn this around and hold accountable the real culprits the police nad those who support this rediculous thing they have done now. Please tell me how I can send something to thos children. gifts and may some funds

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