The Long Gun Registry Debate

by Phil Hewkin

All the hyperbole and rhetoric, deception and corruption aside, from one guy who actually is not too lazy to read what the law states in the “Criminal code of Canada”, all I can say, is, if YOU haven’t taken the time to read these laws, “the Firearms Act” and, the section called, “Firearms and other weapons” as I have, PLEASE kindly SHUT the HELL UP!
My own research has shown precisely WHY legit gun owners exhibit outrage, and, if anyone who is NOT a drooling anti-gun zealot would take time to learn the truth. These laws contain a “reverse onus” status on gun owners, whereby in the event of any firearms related charges, one is “GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT” and, the onus is on the individual, to prove their innocence. Given the fourteen Charter violations that are contained in the “Firearms Act” Laws, the possible eventuality that many will become ensnared in the myriad pitfalls and legal tangles are unavoidable, so onerous are the laws, it is a veritable “snakes and ladders” game that has the ladders removed and replaced with crocodiles and alligators.
The actuality is, with the weight of prejudiced laws, that gun owners who cannot afford legal representation will face loss of guns, for no true dangerous act, with no compensation for the loss and destruction of their family heirlooms, and, just to rub some salt into this nasty wound, the effete snobs of urban Canada arrogantly dictate to all concerned that this is all for the greater good, that your loss, mistreatment, and subsequent criminalization is all to “make women safer in Canada”.
What a crock of fecal matter. Women are equally unable to adequately arm themselves with the true effective means to protect themselves with the equalizer of the day, that could very well have prevented tragedy like the “Montreal Massacre”.
No, the anti-gun crowd smugly trumpet their attack on ONLY honest gun owners, as a “legal monument” to that incident. Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair breathlessly praises the benefit of this fatally flawed program.
This same police Chief accepted One Hundred Forty some thousand dollars from CGI, the company that contracts the Registry database, and, CGI also was named in the sponsorship scandal. This same police chief took to arresting eleven hundred protesters at the G-20 summit. “We register our cars and get Driver Licenses” is about as offensive a defense as it is ignorant. Until unlicensed automobile possession becomes federal law, in the Criminal code, and YOUR unregistered VW Rabbit lands you in the hoosegow, again, “shut the hell up”.
Will you face imprisonment, for failure to renew your Driver License or for exceeding the time limit to do so? NO, you WILL NOT.
“What are you afraid of? Just Register your guns,” writes one truly misinformed. “Blow it straight out your arse!” says the majority of gun owning Canadians! Enough is Enough! When will true Democracy prevail?
Micheal Ignatieff is a foreigner, by measure of his actual amount of time Living IN Canada, and he is all about whipping votes on a private members bill, even Jack Layton has now resorted to backroom arm twisting.
What are YOU afraid of? ALLOW A FREE VOTE on this motion, AND the Bill, and get on with democratic values, stop HARASSING honest citizens with extremely prejudiced laws.
Lets return to a Country that REWARDS honesty, integrity, and peaceable Living, and the police get back to arresting real criminals. AND, finally, the obnoxious practice of smearing our massive effort to get some improvement to the gun laws, by trying to connect the American N.R.A. is despicable, dishonest, and dirty.
If you can’t win with the truth, resorting to this level of smut is just plain disgusting.


Phil Hewkin

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