Ron Paul, the Republican Party’s “Invisible Candidate”

The race for the Republican presidential ticket is underway, but according to the main-stream media, or should I say the main stream MORONIC media, Ron Paul isn’t even running.

Watching the contortions they have to twist themselves into in order to avoid saying his name would be hilarious… if I wasn’t so incredibly disgusted by their lack of journalistic integrity.

Kind of like last election’s love affair with that guy from Chicago, whose credentials were and are laughable at best, yet nobody in the consensus media was willing to say anything  negative about Obama simply because he was black.

I don’t despise Obama because he’s black!  I despise him because he’s stupid and refuses to face the facts of what he’s doing to his own country, namely destroying it step by Marxist step.

Shining a little light on the subject of the media’s blatant bias when covering the Republican primaries is John Stewart.  I’m not a fan of his normally, but this time he absolutely nails it.

Watch and enjoy a little common sense… you know.. that thing that’s not so common amongst politicians or, as this video proves, reporters either.

Thanks to Jane Gaffin for sending this little gem my way…


2 thoughts on “Ron Paul, the Republican Party’s “Invisible Candidate”

  1. Thank you also to Jane Gaffin for sending this to you! WOW! I was just at my Drs. office today and he and I spend a good bit of time discussing politics and our pathetic situation in America. Besides whatever physical infirmity I find myself afflicted with at the moment. I’ll get better, the politics in America are dead in the water! Anyway, my Dr. really likes Ron Paul and so do I. The most under-rated, ignored person in all of this mess. Certainly, he may not have the so-called “charisma” that the others purport to have, but he does have common sense and that is sorely needed in these rotten times we are having. I did not vote for Obama and it had nothing to do with the fact he is black. It had everything to do with his “Chicago Style” politics, inexperience, lack of conscience and basic stupidity. I’m sure I left a few other things out, but time constraints on my part and my tendency to ramble and get angry when I think of the travesty of it all, just make me shut up for the time being. You just can’t cover the amount of corruption in this country because by the time we were done, we’d all be in nursing homes! Thanks so much for the video as I don’t have cable TV and never get to see Jon Stewart. I really liked this one!! I swear, if Obama is re-elected, I’m moving to Canada. I don’t know the laws about that, but I’ll find out quickly enough. My ancestors did not shed blood for a delusional idiot to run this country. It is a travesty & he is a Marxist.

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