Officer Jeremy Henwood: Rest In Peace…

San Diego Police Department Officer Jeremy Henwood was, if he can be judged by his last recorded act, a good and decent man.  His murderer seems all the more heinous simply because we know what that last recorded act was.

That last recorded act?

Buying a kid a meal at a local McDonalds restaurant.  As you will see in the video below, Henwood was buying himself something to eat as a young boy comes in and stands beside him in line.  They exchange a few words.  The kid shows Henwood the change in his hand… clearly not enough to buy the food he wants.

Henwood asks the kid what he wants and after paying for his own order already being filled, pays for the kid’s meal too.

It’s a small thing, buying a hungry kid (and complete stranger) a meal but it says pretty much all you need to know about the man who does such a thing.

The San Diego Police Department has clearly lost one of their best and most decent officers.

On the  KFMB Channel 8 website’s report of this tragedy, the comments are summed up by this one, from “Stephanie”:

I want to offer my deepest Condolences to the family of Officer Henwood and his family at the SDPD. No matter where you are in this Country, if you are a Member of Law Enforcement, You are suffering . RIP. God bless you for your service.

And this comment from “Annie”:

Thank goodness for people like the father and daughter, I hope that Officer Henwood could feel that he was not alone, but people were actually trying to help.

Now that the gutless piece of crap that murdered Jeremy Henwood has been killed in a shootout with police, some bizarre and disturbing facts are coming to light.  Dejon Marquee White, the 23-year-old who decided that randomly shooting a cop was a good idea, left a 2-page suicide note inside his apartment before going on his brief shooting spree.

You see, Officer Henwood wasn’t his first victim.

A few minutes before White murdered Henwood, he is believed to be the man who pulled up beside another vehicle in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant nearby and shot someone else.  That shooting was also, as far as anyone can tell, unprovoked.

Martin Hanna, the victim of that first shooting, is expected to live, police report, and they are trying to uncover any possible link between White and Hanna.  So far they have found nothing.

San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne, speaking at a candle-light vigil for the slain officer last Thursday night, said this:

“The boy had some coins in his hand. Jeremy couldn’t make out how much, but it was clear that he didn’t have enough for the food that he wanted. Without a word being spoken, Jeremy bought the food and handed it to him.”

He said that last act of kindness showed what kind of man Henwood was.

The mayor of San Diego offered his condolences to the family and friends of Officer Henwood on Sunday.

“On behalf of all San Diegans, I offer my deep condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Officer Jeremy Henwood, who was killed in the line of duty yesterday,” San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders said.


In the wake of this tragedy, Henwood’s family has reportedly donated his organs for transplant, which speaks volumes for the character his entire family.



2 thoughts on “Officer Jeremy Henwood: Rest In Peace…

  1. What an amazing soul Officer Henwood was. A Marine deployed to Iraq more than once and came home to be a law enforcement officer. Certainly a kind and gentle soul who found his calling, completed his task on earth and, no doubt, arrived in heaven to a welcoming and peaceful place. As for the monster who killed him, I am so glad that he was shot down quickly and slid to hell as fast as a ski jumper. My condolences to Officer Henwood’s family, friends and brothers in blue. Rest in peace and thank you for making this world a better place while you were here.

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