Not all morons are politicians, but is the reverse true?

It’s hard not to believe politicians are morons after taking a look at a bill in the California State Legislature that proposes to make flat sheets on hotel beds illegal.

No, I’m NOT making this up.  I’m simply not that imaginative!

Proving the maxim that politicians are completely out of touch with reality, California Senator Kevin De Leon introduced Bill Number SB 432 to protect hotel maids from that most heinous of workplace horrors: flat sheets.

The bill does not say what the penalty would be for violating this asinine law, or who would enforce it.  For a state that is already bankrupt, you’d think California State lawmakers would at least try to keep one foot planted on Planet Earth, wouldn’t you?

Senator De Leon’s gross stupidity will cost California hotel owners upwards of 15 million dollars to replace sheets for over half a million hotel beds.


Because Senator De Leon’s mom was a hotel maid, and she suffered back pain.

Not to minimize Mrs. De Leon’s pain, since I’m well acquainted with back pain myself, but working sometimes comes with its aches and pains.  Working in the movie industry, where we stand on concrete floors for 12-14 hours a day, virtually guarantees back pain.

Should we pass a law requiring every movie studio to install cushy rubber floors as a result?

Don’t be ridiculous!  It’s part of the job.  If I don’t want to stand on concrete for those hours, I’m perfectly free to choose some other line of work.  I happen to love what I do, and taking the good with the bad is just part of life.

Welcome to the Nanny State!

Moronic politicians like California State Senator Kevin De Leon want there to be no pain in the world.  That’s a wonderful, albeit naive and unrealistic notion.

Living in the world comes with its challenges.  There is no such thing as a “safe world.”  There is just the world.   Keeping people safe from themselves and their choices is, of course, the great goal of all Nanny State morons like De Leon.

State Senator Sam Blakeslee, thank God, asked the obvious question:

“We are now going to make it a crime in California not to use a fitted sheet? Really?”

Only if the winner of today’s Moron of the Day gets his way.  Clearly “common sense” is just not that common…

Is forming the California Mattress Police really the most effective way to expend law enforcement resources?  Have we run out of rapists, child molesters, bank robbers and murderers in California?


You don’t have to look any further than the Los Angeles Homicide Map for August to see that’s not the case.  (took me all of ten seconds to find it.  Maybe De Leon ought to climb down out of his Ivory Tower…)

But Moron of the Day Kevin De Leon  would rather chase down those dastardly flat sheet law offenders than catch actual murderers.

Isn’t that typical of the mindset of the Nanny Staters though?  “Make every possible action illegal so we never run out of easy targets” seems to be their motto.

All morons may not be politicians, and all politicians may not be morons, but California State Senator Kevin De Leon most definitely is.

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