Liberal MP Shawn Murphy – Let’s Ban Blogging!

There’s nothing a Liberal, small-l or large, hates more than something they cannot control. Their answer is always the same. Let’s ban it.

Let’s pass a law against it. ANYTHING, just so long as we STOP people from doing whatever they’re doing that we don’t agree with.

The latest asinine notion comes from Liberal MP Shawn Murphy, who can’t stand the fact that people can anonymously post comments on news stories (about him) on CBC and Guardian websites.

I am actually shocked at some of the anonymous comments that are posted online,” Murphy said in a news release issued late on Wednesday. “Some are hateful, many times untrue, and potentially defamatory.  The law is clear and it is just a matter of time before both the media organizations and the actual writers of some of these comments end up on the wrong side of an expensive and costly defamation suit.”

That’s the other thing a Liberal likes to do… sue you into silence, if not compliance.  Sean will get an opportunity for that in a few minutes…

He seems to have garnered a lot of support for his idiotic “ban blogging” idea from his Facebook page, but little from anywhere else.  On his blog the day after his press release announcing his plan, he said:

Everyone I have spoken to or has written to me agrees with me, and the bloggers are livid – calling me (all anonymously) every name in the book.

Here’s the thing.  Sean was complaining that people had the ability to post comments he doesn’t approve of.  Anonymously.  About him.

No problem.  I have no need to hide my identity from the likes of Mr. Murphy, but even if I did, so what?  There are a myriad of reasons why someone chooses to remain anonymous online (or off, for that matter).  None of them are anyone’s business but the individual’s.  I choose to use email encryption precisely so people like him can’t read my private communications.

Which is what causes Liberal morons like Mr. Murphy so much distress.  They can’t control every waking moment of someone else’s life.

Your feelings are hurt?  Get over it. You’re a politician.  People are going to talk about you because YOU chose to be in the spotlight.  Act like you’ve got a pair and Deal with it.

Freedom of Speech does not mean what you seem to think it ought to Sean.  It’s not “speech I agree with”.  It’s all speech, even the stuff I can’t stand.  You know… like the asinine stuff you spouted on your blog the other day.

And just so there’s no misunderstanding…. Sean, I think you’re a complete and utter moron.  That’s my personal opinion. You gonna sue me for it?

Or does my Right to Freedom of Speech extend to speaking my opinion of you (or any public official) in public, just like the Charter of Rights and Freedoms says?

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