Anti-gun Joyce Foundation doles out $15 million

When the Joyce Foundation, a rabidly anti-gun organization, announced their winners of the Summer 2010 grants… given that Chicago is the current battle-ground for the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms, the following statement from the press release comes as no surprise:

“The Joyce Foundation announced it is awarding 68 organizations more than $15 million in its summer 2010 grant making cycle. Invested in program areas including Education, Employment, Environment, Gun Violence, Money and Politics, Culture, and Special Opportunities, these funds will support new and continuing initiatives that will have an impact on states within the Great Lakes region.

“We are excited to continue our strong commitment to the excellent organizations working so hard to improve the quality of life throughout the Great Lakes region,” said Ellen S. Alberding, president of the Joyce Foundation. “During a time when many Midwesterners face fiscal uncertainty, we remain dedicated to our core values of helping the least advantaged have access to jobs, good schools, a clean environment, and safe neighborhoods.”

Read “gun control”.  The only safe neighborhood is one where only the police and criminals have guns, or so the Joyce Foundation believes.

And the winner is [drum roll please]

For Gun Violence: $400,000 to Media Matters for America to support a gun and public safety issue initiative.

Read “gun ban”.

“Media Matters for America” is, judging from their website, opposed to anything that smells like freedom, responsibility, or individuality.

Just to list a few of the so-called “unbiased” news items on their site.

God save us from the Chateratti.

2 thoughts on “Anti-gun Joyce Foundation doles out $15 million

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  2. It was through David Brock’s betrayal of former right-wing associates (I think he is too self-centered to attract real friends) that the Media Matters CEO gained his prominence among Democrats due to his traitorous turn from the Republican crowd.

    Brock is worse than a true presstitute; he is a sleazy media whore whose alliances depend on which direction the smell of money is coming from.

    First he was courting the right and the Republicans, taking gobs of money from publishers to muckrake the high-rolling Marxists who would give him payoffs to write the opposite slant to the story.

    Although he eventually stopped delivering the goods, he kept the proceeds which he reportedly poured into classy real estate while he was a gainfully-employed writer who was “calling the shots”.

    Then the unprincipled presstitute started turning in bland copy to editors, if he turned in any at all, and high-profile book and magazine publishers told him to take a hike after losing millions on his unethical and immoral shenanigans.

    These publishing houses deserved it; they shouldn’t have been doing business with an immoral character of this low caliber, which the slow-learners finally figured out. But they didn’t have much scruples either if all they could think about was churning out mendacious gossip.

    Brock was a sore loser, claiming the colleagues he betrayed were greedy and slimy, so he cheerfully turned to the smell of big bucks on the left, or the Democratic supporters.

    In order to do the impossible and try to save face, he gathered up all the chutzpah he could muster, claiming that he had discovered the right-wingers–media and all, the very people he had robbed–were actually conspirators who were purposefully damaging American democracy.

    In a fit of vindictiveness, he offered to swerve left to expose the right, forgetting to say that the right side had run him off.

    It was actually filthy-rich billionaire and master of manipulation George Soros who saw potential and picked up Brock out of his own dung heap. That was in 2004, the beginning of the muckraking Media Matters for America.

    The contrived version of the story goes that Brock is the one who went searching for a couple of million bucks to bankroll Media Matters and buttonholed Soros. But I don’t think Brock is that bright; Soros is. Soros knows what he wants and he knows how to achieve it which is easy when money is no object.

    Therefore, the first rendition of the story is more plausible to form the watchdog organization over what Brock described to be “a right-wing media bias” when in fact the mainstream media is definitely Marxist which is the very reason that the Alternative News Network was able to supplant the Marxist mainstream media when the Internet Revolution exploded.

    Brock has no integrity so why would anybody expect Media Matters to have integrity. Therefore, why would anybody of integrity bother reading, much less paying heed to, trash coming from Media Matters?

    He claims the mandate of Media Matters is to stop the right-wing media from disseminating misinformation which is exactly what Media Matters itself does.

    In other words, Brock, a cheat and a hypocrite and a bloody nuisance, is on a self-serving mission to keep all print and broadcast journalists and business people “honest”, which means not letting them stray from his imposed Marxist agenda and to hassle them into apologists for exercising their own rights to freedom of speech, thought and expression.

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

    For further reading, there is an excellent in-depth diagnosis of this queer, mentally-warped, brazen creep posted September 21, 2005 on Front Page Magazine by managing editor Jacob Laskin titled “David Brock: Media Liar”.

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