Saskatchewan dumps its Human Rights Tribunal. That’s 1 down, 13 to go…

Saskatchewan has officially dumped its Human Rights Tribunal.  What a momentous day for our cherished Rights and Freedoms!   This is the day we’ve been anticipating since Saskatchewan’s Justice Minister Don Morgan announced the proposal about a year and a half ago.

Anyone who hasn’t been hiding under a rock for the past 5 years will know all about such stellar examples of Human Rights Tribunals in action as the Ezra Levant case, where he was put through a 900-day kangaroo court process before the lunatics running the Alberta Asylum finally came to their senses and dropped the case.

Just the other day I was fascinated to read that Ezra Levant’s book, Shakedown: How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights about his ordeal with Alberta’s Human Rights Tribunal, won Best Political Book of the Past 25 Years.

Exra Levant: ShakedownKudos to Ezra, not only for not caving in to the demands of this anti-freedom government agency, but for his staunch and public defense of both himself and our Right to Freedom of Speech.  He deserves a lot of credit for the seeming demise of these tribunals across Canada.

Where some are not actually being disbanded yet, they are widely being shown for the joke that they are.  In British Columbia, for example, the latest round of idiocy from the BC Human Rights morons was to fine a comedian for dealing with a lesbian heckler who was making out wth her girlfriend in the front row of the establishment where he was performing.

Truth, of course, is no defense in these Tribunals, and these unaccountable judicial wannabes are the sole arbiters of what defense a person will be allowed to enter, if any.

I had a great time watching Ezra on Sun TV yesterday as he discussed the award and what he thought about why the message of his book resonated so deeply with Canadians.

Freedom of Speech needs great defenders, and Ezra Levant is definitely one of those.  We’re lucky to have him.

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