Baltimore Mayoral Race Brings a New Moron To Light

Baltimore, Maryland is in the midst of a mayoral race.  Folks from all walks of life and as evidenced by this news report, all walks of stupidity as well.

One candidate for the Baltimore’s Big Chair is Otis Rolley.  It would appear that he missed out on his allotment of common sense when God created him, and Otis Rolley hasn’t managed to pick up any on his way through life, either.

Otis Rolley’s massively moronic solution to gun crime is to add a $1 tax PER BULLET sold in the city.  He figures that by punishing law-abiding firearm owners with outrageous and moronic tax increases on legal products, he will somehow manage to stem the tide of gun violence that has plagued Baltimore for decades.

For example, in the past ten years the city has spent over $4 billion on policing the city, yet the murder rate has barely budged at all.

Somehow placing a $1 tax on every bullet sold will solve this, although Baltimore’s Moron of the Month has no explanation for how or why that will actually work.

While the courts have consistently ruled against significant gun control legislation, there is still a way to decrease crime: substantially increase the cost of its commission,” Rolley’s plan states.

Increasing the cost of guns won’t work, because many criminals don’t purchase new guns, and they can be borrowed or even rented in some areas,” his plan goes on to say.

Seems that Baltimore’s candidate for Moron of the Month can’t put two and two together… if criminals aren’t buying guns from stores, what makes him think that they’re buying bullets there either?

I’m all for cutting down violent crime rates wherever they’re found, but here’s the thing I just can never wrap my head around…

How come every time some criminal with a firearm kills someone, why is the solution to persecute and tax the millions of people who didn’t do it?

My pick for Moron of the Month, , certainly has no answer to that.  I guess it just sounded good as his nanny was spoon-feeding him his pablum that morning.

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