NDP MPs Under Fire

While NDP party leader Jack Layton does the right thing (allowing a free vote on Candice Hoeppner’s private member’s Bill C-391), Liberal party leader Michael Ignatieff declares war on two NDP MPs.

Niki Ashton (Churchill) and Malcolm Allen (Welland) are the two MPs that Ignatieff believes are the key to ending Bill C-391.  In a post on the Liberal party website, Ignatieff lists the pair as the only undecided MPs in the upcoming gun registry vote.

If you live in Niki Ashton’s riding, please contact her and let her know she has your support for voting to pass Bill C-391.

If you live in Malcolm Allen’s riding, please contact him and let him know that too.

Katey Montague (of KateysFirearmsFacts.com and YouTube video fame) has even put together some talking points for these two MPs if you’re unsure what to say when you call or write them.

Ignatieff’s plan is to call Layton out and basically try to humiliate him in the press.  For whatever reason, Layton is unwilling to cave to this pressure.  Amazingly, he’s the only party leader actually showing a backbone on this issue.

Ignatieff hides behind his party and the threat of “sanctions” against any MP that doesn’t do what they’re told.  Harper hasn’t said it publicly, but you can bet he’s done the same behind closed doors.  The Bloc will vote to keep the registry, since Quebec already has its own registry and loves the control factor.

What’s unknown is whether Ignatieff’s marching orders on C-391 will be followed.

Yukon MP Larry Bagnell’s political career is over if he does. Constituents in his northern riding are furious with his spineless claims that “it doesn’t look like there will be any options for me.” Comments on news stories about Bagnell’s lack of integrity are riddled with comments like

Larry, you’ve got a choice, you can either vote for your constituents or your party boss. Pick one.”

Keith Martin’s political career is probably over too, as he only won his seat by 62 votes in the last election and his Conservative rival is making the most out of Martin’s willingness to cave in to his boss’ will on this issue. Sure, Martin hides behind “the overwhelming evidence” he says exists for the registry, but the RCMP’s own report can’t even come up with valid explanations for the registry.

One thing is certain.  The vote on C-391 will be close, and one or two MPs will make the difference.

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