Ottawa Police Constable Kevin Jacobs charged in brutal beating of Mark Krupa

Ottawa Police Constable Kevin Jacobs has been charged in brutal beating of Mark Krupa that took place on Mother’s Day 2009.  Mark and his brother were on the way to Mark’s home, having just come from dinner with their mother.  They were stopped at a red light.  A man pulled up beside them and started berating them and generally making an ass of himself.

That man turned out to be Ottawa Police Constable Kevin Jacobs, who was obviously taking his rage out on the unsuspecting Krupa.

Mark Krupa attempted to drive away from the confrontation but Jacobs wasn’t about to let that happen.  He kept following Krupa and apparently called for a marked police car to come help him [allegedly] be a thug.

The Ottawa Police obliged, sending Ottawa Police Constable Steve McLaughlin to the scene in his marked police cruiser.  Constable McLaughlin pulled over Krupa’s vehicle and pretty much instantly Kevin Jacobs pulled up, blocking the front of Krupa’s vehicle with his own.

Constable McLauchlin had advised Krupa he was under arrest and had handcuffed him, according to reports, when Constable Jacobs proceed to beat the crap out of Mark Krupa.

It takes quite the man to beat up someone who is handcuffed and defenseless, doesn’t it?  A really brave man.  Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

If the allegations prove correct this [alleged] thug will probably never see a single day in jail.

No, for the crime of assault, he will probably be sentenced to house arrest because in the words of Justice J.E. Allen when sentencing Toronto Police Service Constable Edward Ing and Constable John Cruz for their assault conviction in beating up a 60-year-old disabled man,

Jail is a particularly dangerous place for police officers.”

You and I, of course, would never be so lucky.  We’d go to the Big House, dangerous or not, because that’s the logical consequence of violating someone’s rights in such an egregious manner.  It should go DOUBLE for thug police constables like Kevin Jacobs.

It is not, as I alluded to earlier, the first time Constable Kevin Jacobs has violated the rights of a citizen.  He felt entitled to search a Kanata citizen’s home without a search warrant, a clear violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Police Services Act.

To quote the judge in that case, Constable Kevin Jacobs’ actions…

 “would shock the conscience of the community.”

No kidding, Judge.

Since the Stacy Bonds fiasco, the number of incidents of police brutality by the Ottawa Police seems to have risen exponentially.   I don’t believe that it’s the number of cases that’s rising, however, just the number of cases WE ARE AWARE OF keeps rising.

Take the recent case of Ottawa Police threatening to take away a woman’s 1-year-old son if she doesn’t “agree” to an illegal search of her home.

Police Brutality doesn’t rise dramatically like news reports would make it seem.  Police Brutality by the Ottawa Police has always been there… it’s just that we’re becoming so much more aware of it now.

We need to send [alleged] thugs like Ottawa Police Constable Kevin Jacobs to prison for their crimes.  Perhaps once half a dozen or so constables are serving time for their crimes the level of police brutality will drop.

Lord knows rewarding thugs like Toronto Police Service Constable Edward Ing and Constable John Cruz with house arrest for their heinous acts sure isn’t going to do it.


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