Glenn Thibeault flip-flops on C-391

Sudbury MP Glenn Thibeault has now flip-flopped his vote on Canada’s failed gun registry.  Thibeault  had previously voted to scrap the registry, citing the majority of his constituents wanted him to get rid of the costly failure.

In a press release issued today, Thibeault announced he is reversing is position on Bill C-391 and turning his back on his constituents.  He will now vote with Charlie Angus to keep the failed gun registry.

You can read his full press release here.

I have spent the summer listening to my constituents and community leaders. I made up my mind based on what I was hearing from folks like Chief Elsner,” Thibeault said in his press release.

If you live in his Sudbury riding, MP Glenn Thibeault needs to hear from you right now, because he’s no longer listening to his constituents.

If you want to write to him, check out Rights activist Katey Montague’s page of talking and writing points for Glenn Thibeault.

One thing you could say to him when you discuss the issue with him would be his margin of victory in the last federal election. 2,066 are all that sent him to Ottawa.  If just half of those people who voted FOR Thibeault  in the last election do like he’s doing, they could send him into retirement.

It seems he needs a reminder of how he got to where he is today.

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