William Norman Grigg on what he calls “the Police Epidemic”

If you’ve never heard of Willian Grigg before, then I’ve got a real treat for you.  He’s a voice of reason in an increasingly world filled with insanity.

To quote his bio on WillGrigg.com:

An award-winning investigative journalist, William Norman Grigg was the senior editor and a prolific contributor to The New American, the official magazine of the John Birch Society. His writing reflects views heavily influenced by constitutionalism, libertarianism, and anti-communism.

He also writes extensively for LewRockwell.com and The American Conservative, and you can find even more from him on his blog, Pro Libertate.

Sounds like my kind of guy, and perhaps yours too.

He recently was interviewed on LewRockwell.com about the rising police state and I can’t recommend this interview highly enough.  Grigg lays out, in a well-reasoned and logical fashion, where we are, where we’re heading and how terrifying the near-future will be if we don’t put an end to the madness.


Give this 20-minute interview a listen, then download it to your hard drive and listen to it a few more times.  It’s that good.

He is the author of numerous books as well.  My first introduction to him was through his book Global Gun Grab (available for about 5 bucks from Amazon.com) sent to me by my ex-fighter pilot friend, Willy Floyd.  Global Gun Grab discusses the United Nations schemes to take firearms from the hands of civilians around the world, and is a must-read for anyone concerned about the ever-increasing tyranny coming from that body.

Grigg is a prolific writer, and some of his other works include the following:




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