Larry Bagnell: Another Spineless Liberal MP

Yukon’s Liberal MP Larry Bagnell is feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place.  His rural riding is filled with hunters, miners, prospectors and outdoors people.

When asked if he would avoid the House instead of voting against his constituents, Bagnell said “I’m not sure, I haven’t explored that possibility to see if that’s an option”.   He’s got to ask Iggy’s permission to “skip school”, I guess.

Terrified of opposing his party leader, and equally scared of facing his constituents at election time if he votes to keep the gun registry, Bagnell is feeling left out in the cold by a party leader out of touch with rural Canada.

Larry Bagnell now says he’ll vote against Bill C-391, because Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is whipping the vote on it, according to an August 25th CBC article.

“I don’t have a choice”, he says.

Garbage.  There is always a choice.  Bagnell can “man up” and do right by his constituents, and vote their will on C-391, or he can cower like a little girl and do what his “Daddy” tells him and vote the will of his party leader.

Will Yukoners re-elect him if he spits in their face on C-391?   I wouldn’t bet my election hopes on it if I was Larry Bagnell.

Recent comments on a Whitehorse Star article were pretty clear.

“Larry does not care about the Yukon or its people.  All Larry cares about is his job.”

“Come on Larry, the choice is simple! Either you are Iggy’s whipped boy or you stand up like a man and represent the Yukoners who sent you to Ottawa to speak for them. It is not near good enough to quietly play hooky when the time comes to be accountable to your constituents.”

“Of course you have a choice Larry!  You can do the right thing and join the Conservatives.  Then you can represent us properly and not have to kiss your leaders arse.”

“Larry, Grow some balls or resign your seat and try and get yourself elected in Toronto where you can show your true liberal colors, voting as you are told and not have to worry about representing the wants of your constituents. ”

Larry, resign your Liberal party membership card, sit as an Independent and vote the will of your constituents.  That’s the only way you’ll earn their respect or their vote.

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