For Toronto Police Services Constables Edward Ing and John Cruz the Special Treatment Just Won’t Stop

Not that it came as much of a surprise, but the ruling by Ontario Superior Court Justice Maureen Forestell still disgusts me.

Yesterday I wrote about how my two latest thug cops, Toronto Police Services Constables Edward Ing and John Cruz, were applying to have their firearms prohibition orders revoked or “temporarily” removed, ostensibly so they can keep their jobs.

Why is keeping their jobs even on the table?

Well, because of the double-standard that exists in this country.  More and more Special Treatment is handed out to two thug cops  convicted of beating the crap out of 60-year-old Richard Moore because they didn’t like what he said to them.

Judge Forestell ruled that it would cause these two cops (that should be fired) irreparable harm if they weren’t allowed to keep up their shooting skills.

Has “Justice” in Canada completely lost its bloody mind?

It’s absurd enough that our double-standard for sentencing criminal acts by police let these two escape the jail time they so richly deserve.

Had you or I beat the crap out of 60-year-old disabled man, whether he said anything we didn’t like or not, we’d be spending a very long time behind bars.

We sure wouldn’t be getting passes to go to the shooting range to “maintain our shooting skills!!!”

But then again, you and I aren’t part of the protected class, the privileged class… those citizens with badges and guns that are just a little more equal than the rest of us.

These two convicted thugs actually had the gall to argue that being prohibited from using firearms would “limit their career opportunities.”

Apparently even after being convicted of assault causing bodily harm, these two can’t comprehend that it’s not their firearms prohibitions that limit their career opportunities… it’s their complete failure to control themselves when someone “dares” speak their mind when these two thugs are within earshot.

What the good judge failed to explain as she made her ruling was how Constable Edward Ing and Constable John Cruz were eligible to receive police firearms training when they have been suspended without pay since their conviction.

Am I outraged?


Am I disgusted with the double-standard of sentencing criminal police to house arrest instead of prison?


Am I appalled at a judicial system that insists on “bringing the administration of justice into disrepute” with these asinine sentences and rulings?



3 thoughts on “For Toronto Police Services Constables Edward Ing and John Cruz the Special Treatment Just Won’t Stop

  1. Are you an idiot?
    Now by me saying that I bet you want to punch me in the face. No, not yet, what if I did it every single time you went to work, oh and not just me, other people too! You would have a breaking point, try reporting without bias.

    1. Greig, are you for real?

      These two cops beat the crap out of a 60-year-old disabled man. I don’t care what he said to them… the two cops are supposed to be the professionals, and have even the tiniest bit of self-control. Clearly they did not and you’re actually going to DEFEND them? That says a lot about the values you hold, I’ll say that much.

      For the record, you can call me an idiot all day long and it won’t bother me one bit. As hard as it appears to be for you to fathom, the instant reaction of most rational people to being called names is not to physically attack the person and beat them to a pulp. Just like the vast majority of folks, I actually have the abilty to consider the source, as well as the ability to discern right from wrong, something that these two thug cops (and apparently you as well?) did not.

      If you don’t like my bias against convicted thugs that happen to have badges, well… what can I say. You’re free to read someone else’s blog, right? Maybe someone who shares your opinion that out-of-control thugs who like to beat up senior citizens should be given a complete pass just because they are cops.

      That being said, thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion.

  2. Obviously what they did was wrong, violence is never the answer. With that being said there are a multitude of reasons this could’ve transpired and I’m not sure there isn’t a breaking point for all of us. I could never agree with their actions, I think I just feel a sympathy for what we as humanity put our law enforcement through.

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