“The Zombie Apocalypse is coming!” Are you prepared? (humour)

A friend of mine sent me a really funny post the other day.  The title was intriguing, of course, given I love vampire and zombie movies.  (Yes, even the bad ones!)

The article’s author, Creek Stewart, guides the unwitting ultimate zombie apocalypse shotgun wannabe through the entire process of taking a stock Mossberg 500 shotgun and turning it into the ultimate zombie apolcalypse survival shotgun!

If you have ten minutes to spare and want to read a knowledgeable and funny article, then I highly recommend Creek Stewart’s article “Arming Yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse: How to Build the Ultimate Survival Shotgun.”

I was amazed at how much Stewart was able to stuff into a shotgun stock, let alone some of the amazing and simple modifications he made to turn it into all kinds of useful tools.

Naturally, such an article was filed under “Manly Skills” on the Art of Manliness blog.  I love it!

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