Wayne Easter: Your Rep to Ottawa? Or Ottawa’s Rep to You?

Liberal MP Wayne Easter’s website begins with promise.

“I am committed to bringing your voice to Ottawa, by ensuring your concerns are heard and working with you to create opportunities for growth in our province.”

He forgot to add the end of the sentence though….

“but only if I agree with you.”

Otherwise, he’s just one more politician bringing Ottawa’s voice to the constituency.

No longer is he Malpeque’s representative to Ottawa.  He’s Ottawa’s representative to Malpeque.  He’s here to tell Malpeque residents what they think.  Period.

“IslandMom”, commenting on a CBC story on Easter’s flip-flop on C-391, said,

“I can answer that question, seeing that I am in Wayne Easter’s riding, and have spoken with him over this issue, before he flip-flopped… the majority of constituents who have contacted Mr. Easter have told him that they want him to vote to abolish the registry. I have had many discussions with Mr. Easter, as has my husband and our friends, over this issue. Mr. Easter told all of us that he could not support the registry because it does not target crime. So, I would now like to ask Mr. Easter, who is surprisingly not returning my emails or phone calls – now that he is voting to keep the registry – why has he turned his back on his constituents!”

Like all good Liberal politicians, the constituents have value only one day every four years… election day.  That is when they are to be pandered to… lied to… told whatever they want to hear.

The rest of the time, good Liberal politicians do what their Party leader tells them.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

It’s a good thing for Malpeque voters that Wayne Easter only won the riding by 924 votes in the last election.

Only 450 good Island constituents switching their vote will send Easter into retirement… albeit with his hefty MP pension intact.

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