The Uselessness of Gun Registry Shown Again

this time in Downtown Toronto, where two streets of the city had bullet shell casings littering the ground.  Police found a total of 11 shell casings, calibres not identified, on Cather Cr. and Flemington Road.

It seems the gang members doing the shooting didn’t realize their pistols had to be registered, and they should have asked permission (aka Authorization to Transport a Restricted Firearm) to take their guns out of their gun safes.

Darn… I forgot. Again.  Gang members don’t register their guns.

I remember now.  It’s only the law-abiding gun owners like me and a few million other non-violent Canadians that have to do that.

Violent criminals do pretty much anything they want.

The nation’s Police Chiefs sure aren’t going to do anything to stop them.  They’re too focused on folks like me and perhaps you… the very Canadians who AREN’T the problem.

When will we ever learn?

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