New York is screwed up. What else do you call threatening to charge the man who saved a cop’s life?

I read this story a while back about the school safety agent who helped save a cop’s life in New York.  The part where they were threatening to charge the guy who picked up the wounded cop’s gun and shot back at the attackers is what caught my eye.  Imagine that…

It takes a pretty sick prosecutor to threaten charges against someone who’s actually one of the heroes of the story.  Then again, New York is a city filled with sick and retarded prosecutors, where the victims of crime are often victimized again by a judicial system that’s lost all sense of justice.

This particular horror story comes out of ARJ Auto Repair, and here’s a quick recap of the event from the New York Daily News:

Five robbers ordered the group onto the ground and began rifling through their pockets. Presley, an MTA Bridges and Tunnels officer who was off duty, pulled his pistol, stood up, identified himself as a cop and told the robbers to stand down, police said.

Presley was shot in the shoulder during the close-quarters gunfight that ensued, police said.The unidentified school safety agent grabbed the Glock that Presley dropped when he was shot, sources said and chased the five bandits, firing back after at least one robber shot at him.

What’s interesting here is that self-defense is the crime, not an act of heroism. New York, like Canada, has it completely ass-backwards.

When someone threatens your very life, the reasonable and responsible response is to do anything and everything in your power to defend your life.  Cowering in a corner, putting yourself at the mercy of people who’ve already proven their evil intentions is just plain stupid.

The [school safety] agent, who is not licensed to carry a gun, could face charges, sources said.

In the midst of saving his own life and that of Anthony Presley during an armed robbery the government is going to get pissy about a bloody gun license?  How utterly ridiculous.

Ridiculous: causing or worthy of ridicule  or derision; absurd; preposterous; laughable

Ridicule: speech or action intended to cause contemptuous laughter at a person or thing

The Founding Fathers must collectively roll over in their graves at the state of government today, and not just in New York.

In Arizona, Phoenix police Officer Richard Chrisman executed Danny Rodriguez for the “crime” of demanding to see a search warrant.  Chrisman put a gun to Rodriguez’ head and told him “I don’t need no f***ing warrant!”

Officer Chrisman first killed his dog, of course.  “Officer Safety” and all the bullshit that always entails taking precedence over actually following the United States Constitution.

The only bright spot to the Danny Rodriguez murder case is that Richard Chrisman has actually been charged with Danny Rodriguez ‘s murder.

Naturally the Fat Blue Line in the form of police union’s head assclown, Officer Frank Marino, is claiming that we must give “due process” to Officer Richard Chrisman.

We do have civil rights and there is also the presumption that a person is innocent until proven guilty,” he told Fox News.

I’m left wondering why we shouldn’t give Officer Chrisman exactly the same “due process” that he gave Danny Rodriguez… a couple of bullets to the head.

Did I mention that thuggish and murdering cops really piss me off?

What’s actually blown my mind about the Danny Rodriguez murder case is that Chrisman’s partner is actually telling the truth about what happened, instead of closing ranks with a bad cop behind the Fat Blue Line.

To quote an article from the Tucson Citizen:

Yesterday it was reported that the Latino community was outraged for the murder of an unarmed Latino youth at the hands of a hateful Phoenix police officer, Richard Chrisman, who tazed him twice, pepper sprayed him, killed his dog, then shot and killed Danny Rodriguez.

Chrisman’s police partner admitted that Danny did nothing to threaten them, and that this entire catastrophe was unwarranted, and has taken the brave step of speaking out against this injustice.

Chrisman was charged with only aggravated assault for this hate crime that has left a mother weeping for her son whose life was taken from a person entrusted to “serve and protect” the community.

(NOTE: That charge was upgraded to murder a few days later.)

Chrisman was arrested yesterday, but is now out of jail thanks to his police friends who came together to raise the bail, a mere $15,000, a slap in the face to the Latino community for the low bail, and then for the police defending the hateful actions of one of their own.

Chrisman’s partner, Sergeant Verhilia (sp?), will now be a pariah for daring to speak out against a fellow cop.  His career is all but over, and what for?

For telling the truth.

How did this continent ever get this screwed up, where Orwellian-speak is our daily fare….  truth is lies, right is wrong, evil is good

To paraphrase a fellow I heard speak some time ago… if God does not judge America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.



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