BC RCMP Constable Shyamal Ramlu’s lack of moral character…

BC RCMP Constable Shyamal Ramlu is the latest in a long line of examples of RCMP constables with no moral backbone whatsoever.  Constable Ramlu’s drunken blowjob with a street prostitute shows with stark clarity that the RCMP’s pathetic recruitment process is in serious need of repair.

For those not aware of Constable Ramlu’s “indiscretions”, here’s what happened according to files obtained by the Ottawa Citizen:

RCMP Constable Shyamal Ramlu works in the Langley Detachment where, on December 12, 2009, he left a retirement party in a cab because he was too drunk to drive.

Well, too drunk to drive HOME, at least.

Once home, he hopped into his car and went looking for a prostitute.  He found one without too much difficulty.  She gave him a blowjob and either during or shortly thereafter the deed, stole Constable Ramlu’s wallet and RCMP-issued Blackberry.

Constable Ramlu is married. Clearly his marriage vows don’t mean that much to him, judging by his actions that fateful December evening, at least.

If an RCMP Constable is willing to lie and cheat on his wife, the person he’s supposed to love and cherish, I really have to wonder what a cop like that is willing to do to one of us regular citizens?

Would he lie and fabricate evidence if it served some purpose of his?  I don’t know, but it’s certainly a question that has to be asked, isn’t it?

The current RCMP recruitment process, if judged by recent news stories, would seem to go something like this:

  1. Are you willing to beat the shit out of someone for making rude comments about police?  If yes, please continue with questionnaire.
  2. If an inmate talks back to you, is that cause to beat him so severely he has to be sent to hospital? If yes, please continue with questionnaire.
  3. Are you willing to lie in court to cover up your violation of the Charter Rights of a civilian?  If yes, please continue with questionnaire.
  4. Are you willing to drive drunk, even doing so kills an innocent civilian? If yes, please continue with questionnaire.
  5. Do you believe cheating on your wife with a street prostitute is a good idea? If yes, please continue with questionnaire.
  6. Will you use the CPIC database for your own personal ends even though doing so is a violation of the RCMP’s own rules?  If yes, please continue with questionnaire.

If you have answered YES to all of these questions, please report to RCMP DEPOT in Regina immediately.


I mean seriously… that seems to be the criteria of the RCMP’s recruiting process these days.

Am I saying that ALL RCMP members are pathetic thugs who will fabricate evidence, lie in court, and basically do or say anything required to get a conviction?  Of course not.

Am I saying that all RCMP constables have as little moral fibre as RCMP Constable Shyamal Ramlu?  No, of course not.

What I am saying is that the RCMP as a whole has a very bad image.  That image is worsened daily by news reports of atrocious and often criminal behaviour by RCMP members across the country.  British Columbia seems to have a very high percentage of these “bad apples“, although I couldn’t tell you why that seems to be the case.

It’s got to be incredibly discouraging for the good RCMP members to have to suffer through all this garbage, to be tarred with the brush of a Shyamal Ramlu, a Monty Robinson, a Jack Cunningham or a Geoff Mantler, to name just a few of the bad cops still on the RCMP payroll.

That being said, the RCMP does have a lot of good people in their employ.

The unfortunate thing is that we never ever hear about them because of the antics of pathetic swine like RCMP Constable Shyamal Ramlu.

Oh, the kicker in this case is that for his incredible lack of judgment and loss of RCMP property to his prostitute friend, Constable Shyamal Ramlu was docked a whole five days pay.


We good citizens of Canada expect far more from our police forces than behaviour like this.  If a cop shows such incredibly poor judgment, he doesn’t deserve to be a cop.  Period.

Instead of firing bad apples, the RCMP has a policy of keeping them on at all costs.

Liars, thieves, thugs and killers… so long as they’ve got a badge and a gun, they’re untouchable by the laws that would send you and me to prison if we committed the same acts as them.

The case that disgusts me most, of course, is Corporal Monty Robinson.  Anyone reading me on a regular basis will be familiar with that particular piece of garbage who, while [allegedly] driving drunk, killed 21-year-old Orion Hutchinson and then stonewalled the RCMP investigation into Hutchinson’s death.  He left the scene, went home and had a few more drinks so they couldn’t nail him for drunk driving and then refused to talk.

He’s still on the RCMP payroll, receiving his full paycheck every month even though he’s been suspended for years.

The RCMP is clearly broken when they won’t get rid of people like that.


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