Lawrence Manzer goes on trial one week from today

Lawrence Manzer goes on trial one week from today in a case that should never be before the court at all.  The only reason it is appears to be the local RCMP’s hatred of someone doing their job and Crown Prosecutor Paul Hawkins‘ hatred for a decent man doing the right thing when the RCMP won’t.

Hawkins certainly doesn’t seem to have a problem with actual violent criminals or dangers to society being set free; something he does on a regular basis, according to news reports I was able to find recently.  He’s sure got it in for Lawrence Manzer though, that much is clear.

One week from today the trial will go ahead at:

Burton Court House
23 Route 102 Highway
River Road, Burton NB
(Mailing address): P.O. Box 94
Oromocto, NB
E2V 2G4

If you live in the Oromocto area, I would urge you to show up on Friday, July 14th to support one of our military veterans as he faces injustice right here in Canada.

In an email he sent me earlier today, Lawrence Manzer said:

14 Jul 11, one week from today. I am extremely approachable, people are welcome to speak with me, more so after the trial (less busy). I will be at my residence after the trial too, friends and supporters are welcome to stop by and visit, I am easy to find. I will give Hennick Court as the general address, I shouldn’t be hard to find, I am listed in the local phone book with address.

Basically I would like to thank so many people for the help and encouragement. There are a lot of nice people out there and I have enjoyed listening to every last one.

Thanks for all your help so far,


If you are not familiar with this case, I urge you to watch the video below.  Katey Montague, a young Rights and Freedoms advocate, created this video to support Lawrence Manzer in his battle with an [alleged] Justice System that’s lost all sense of right and wrong, indeed one that’s lost all sense of justice.

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