Canadian Judges and sex scandals

It’s a bizarre case, from what I can tell.  Not that sex scandals are anything new… they’re not.  Not even in Canada.

What’s bizarre about this case is the man involved is suing the couple, which includes a sitting Manitoba judge, individually for a total of $17 million, and their former law firm for another $50 million dollars.

Alexander Chapman alleges that Winnipeg lawyer Jack King harassed him in 2003 by attempting to convince him to have sex with his wife, Lori Douglas, who was then a lawyer at the same firm as King.

As for exactly what happened, that’s getting clearer as more news reports come out.

Chapman is claiming that King, over the space of a few weeks, showed him 30 sexually explicit photos of Douglas, naked, in various forms of bondage, playing with sex toys and performing oral sex.

He says he became incredibly uncomfortable with King’s continued advances, and that he couldn’t live with what happened.

“I just want people to know that this happened to me and it was real for me.”

Chapman’s career as a judge is probably over.  Nude photos of her appearing on the internet pretty much destroy her credibility as a judge, according to legal sources.

“If pictures of you naked end up on an internet site, it’s quite difficult to say you have the credibility to be a judge,” said Sébastien Grammond, dean of civil law at the University of Ottawa.

As for who started it all, King and Chapmen disagree.  Go figure.  But it is on record that King took an extended leave of absence for medical reasons shortly after the series of incidents ended.

I’m sure more will be learned as this case winds its way through our legal system.

For those interested in all the sordid details… here are links to various articles around the net:

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