Toronto cops beat the crap out of a guy, lie in court and get sentenced to house arrest?

Beat the crap out of a guy, lie about your actions in court, and because you’re a cop, you get nothing but house arrest?

[Sarcasm Mode ON]
Thank God there’s no double-standard in sentencing police versus us ordinary folks!

Toronto Police Service constable Edward Ing and Toronto Police Service constable John Cruz beat the crap out of Richard Moore because he heckled them one night.

Apparently these two convicted thugs took offense at being called “the rich man’s army“, and they took their hurt feelings out on Moore’s face and body and then lied about it, saying he was drunk.

Richard Moore’s physical damage at the hands of these two thugs (with badges and guns) included fractured ribs, a broken finger, dislocated shoulder, a gash to his scalp and abrasions to his abdomen, hip and shoulder.

That’s a pretty big list of injuries, all for calling someone “rich man’s army“.  Can you  imagine what would have happened to Mr. Moore if he’d actually said something offensive to these two?  Like “pig“, perhaps?  How about “goons with guns“?

He’d probably have gotten shot for that one though, but the police report would have read something like “resisted arrest” and “charged aggressively towards the constable, who fired in self-defense, fearing for his life.”

It’s happened before, sadly, and with the current record of the Toronto Police Service, it’s not hard to believe it could happen again.

These are men and women with badges and guns and an attitude that they are “above the law“.

Hey, I’m not the one saying it, that’s what judges in Ontario are saying repeatedly about cops who have come before them for violating the rights of citizens.

To quote Justice J.E. Allen:

“This behaviour we expect from gang members on the street, not the police.”


Thugs with badges and guns, willing to say anything in court to get themselves off the hook for crimes that would send you and me to jail for 5 or 10 years.

These aren’t the first two cops to lie in court, and they aren’t likely to be the last, especially when they get rewarded for their criminal behavior with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

“This crime is not the anomalous behaviour of two otherwise good officers. It is a predictable result of a culture which rejects discipline, and which appears to prevail at this division.”

That’s a scathing indictment of the Toronto Police Service if ever I heard one, so why the chicken shit sentences?

While I must commend Justice J.E. Allen for these on-the-record comments about the lack of integrity of the Toronto Police Service, I take great exception to the double-standard he used in sentencing these two thugs.

Jail is a particularly dangerous place for police officers,” Justice J.E. Allen said. “The potential to encounter someone they previously arrested, or someone who simply hates the police, is high. The ability of the jailers to protect anyone from violence in the current climate of overcrowding and understaffing is dubious.


News Flash, Judge!!!

Jail is a particularly dangerous place” for everyone, inmate and guard alike!  I’ve got friends who work in the prison system.  It’s no walk in the park.

By refusing to send these two police thugs to prison, Justice Allen is actually condoning their actions.

If Justice Allen seriously wanted to put a stop to this sort of thing at Toronto’s 51 Division, he’d send these two to prison for 5 years each.

Now THAT would have sent a message to the rest of the Toronto Police Service, wouldn’t it?

Sending these two convicted thugs home sure doesn’t do that.


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