Default on your Student Loans, Get a SWAT Team Visit

The more details that come out about the SWAT Team sent to collect defaulted student loans, the worse it becomes.

Kenneth Wright was asleep in his Stockton, California home when a dozen or more armed SWAT Team members broke down his front door and ripped him from his home in nothing more than his underwear.  He was handcuffed and tossed into the back of a police car, along with his three young children.

There they sat for over six hours as police ransacked the Wright home.

The U.S. Department of Education ordered the armed assault on the Wright home because Ken’s wife had defaulted on her student loans.

Does that make sense to you?

Since when did the Department of Education have authority over police SWAT teams? Oh yeah, it wasn’t a SWAT team, just 15 or so armed government thugs from the Department of Education kicking down a man’s front door at 6am.

Well, that’s okay then…

As shocking as this… the Department of Education refused to comment.  The only thing they would confirm is that their Office of the Inspector General issued the search warrant.


If you want to read the perfect bullshit search warrant, let your eyes take a wander over this piece of crap, the actual search warrant for the Wright home.  What’s particularly interesting is the ridiculously long time frame they’re given to serve it.

Part of the Department of Education’s ever-changing tune is their denial that the raid was ordered because of unpaid student loans.   They’re now claiming it is all part of “an ongoing criminal investigation” and that the raid wasn’t handled by a SWAT Team, but an armed unit of the Office of the Inspector General.

Now for the question nobody seems willing to ask:

Why does the Department of Education have armed officers in the first place?

To quote The Classic Liberal,

Considering that Kenneth Wright had absolutely no criminal record to begin with, and furthermore wasn’t even arrested during/after his home was raided, by what lunatic reasoning was a violent raid, carried out by 15 heavily-armed government goons, authorized as the best course of action?

If the fast increasing numbers of violent, draconian police state tactics such as this hasn’t scared the crap out of you by now, you simply haven’t been paying attention. Because government abuse of this sort now happens on a daily basis in our supposed “limited-constitutional republic.”

They can call their heavy-handed tactics anything they want.  Kicking in someone’s front door and assaulting them with over a dozen armed men is over the top, no matter what their reasons.   Is their [alleged] fraud investigation so dangerous they need to terrorize a man and his three small children at 6am?

I don’t think so, but it’s an awesome way to strike fear into the hearts of your nation, isn’t it?

Kenneth Wright has some advice for anyone with outstanding student loans.

“People who have student loans , pay your bills, take care of your credit. If you don’t belive me, this could be you one morning 6 o’clock.”

Remember when the United States Constitution actually meant something?

I miss those days.

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