Keeping Perspective (with video) by Don Laird

These are difficult times we are living in.

Here in Canada and in the United States we have been relatively insulated from the geopolitical earthquakes which have badly shaken Europe, the UK, the Middle East and Africa. Economically speaking, Canada has fared reasonably well and the United States is starting to recover from the brutal economic kick in the teeth they took a couple of years ago.

Radical islam and the push to enshrine sharia law in North America is unceasing due to the efforts of groups like CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations), The Islamic Society of North America, North American Islamic Trust, The Muslim Students Association, The Muslim Students Union and The Muslim Brotherhood (the modern world’s first terrorist organization).

All of these groups have either direct ties to terrorist groups and or are directly funded by terrorist organizations. Virtually countless members of these organizations have been convicted of crimes involving terrorist activities and have been deported. That said, these groups continue in their campaign of destruction against Western democratic countries.

Our fight against these groups must be maintained on all levels. These groups, who actively sponsor and promote terrorism and their clearly and oft stated agenda of the complete destruction of our political and judicial system, are in the process of being rendered useless. But, they are still extremely dangerous and pose a clear and present threat to not only our way of life but to our lives as well.

Our responsibility as citizens is to actively support those politicians who have taken on the task of eradicating sharia law and radical islam from North America. That responsibility also includes the identification of those politicians, members of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies who actively support sharia law and radical islam and, once identified, actively campaign for their removal from their respective positions of authority or official capacity.

On a different note, we have sent our soldiers overseas to confront, face to face, those who would do us harm globally. Their task, much different and inherently more dangerous than our letter writing or phone calls to elected officials’, involves the sacrifice of life itself. Yet they do this willingly and without complaint. In the face of that bravery, in the face of those sacrifices, our responsibility, our duty of picking up a telephone or writing an email or letter to a politician pales in comparison. Its called…..Perspective……

One such example of that bravery can be found in the video below.

Here are a group of American Marines and British soldiers working together. They are in very close contact with the enemy, in fact, the enemy is just on the other side of the wall that separates them. They have been forced to call down an air-strike practically on top of their own heads. This type of air-strike or artillery strike is called “Danger Close” because the bombs will land “dangerously close” to friendly troops.

Listen to the conversation between the troops and then imagine yourself in the midst of them. Sort of makes complaining about grid lock traffic a little silly doesn’t it???

Think about the fact that many of these men measure their life expectancy in hours or minutes yet they put a smile on their faces and take the fight to the doorsteps of the enemy, kick the door open, walk in and drop it in their laps…………kinda makes complaining about the Starbucks Latte that wasn’t quite tasty enough a little silly doesn’t it???

So….to wrap this up.

Support politicians, law enforcement officials’ and soldiers who are dedicated to the eradication of radical islam (terrorism) and sharia law.

Write letters, send emails, make telephone calls.

Oh and by the way…… the next time you see a guy with really short hair having dinner with his family in a restaurant, don’t be shy… don’t be all self conscious, just walk up and ask him if he is in the military… if he is, buy them dinner.

The next time you see a soldier filling his gas tank…. pay for his fill-up……..

The next time you see a soldier waiting in line at Tim Hortons…. pay for his or her coffee………

Oh yeah…….. this coming Remembrance Day…… get out there with your children and attend…… it’s not as risky as calling air-strikes down on top of your heads.

Remember……its all about perspective…..


Don Laird

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