Blastogram: Be Aware and Beware Google

I’ve come to hate all things Google.

And, though I am ashamed to admit that I was into the Google-sponsored YouTube site, I am guilty of pawing around for the May 23 release of Freedom Watch and saw the message:


I was disappointed, but I wasn’t surprised.

I would expect Google, comprised of a nest of Marxists, to be censorial toward any one defending freedom and the U.S. Constitution. Host Judge Napolitano mainly interviews Republican Senators and Representatives, Reason Magazine editors/writers and his regular stable of freedom-fighters in an effort to convey his message.

It wouldn’t set well with the Google gang. After all, the multinational corporation that owns YouTube is said to have donated $373,212 to the Obama presidential campaign. Do you think that might have something to do with the removal of videos that espouse a strong Libertarian-Ron Paul-for-President bent?

Another one of my favorite shows,, is consistently under fire. In late 2010, Google actually did send out written “notices” that videos were being removed. Why? Were Marxist groups not able to stomach host Alex Jones’ hard-hitting exposés that reveal the truth? Jones won the argument with logic. Most–maybe all–videos were eventually restored.

I have no quarrel with Google as a private corporation holding the right to set its own terms, policies and standards. If I don’t like them, I can shun Google, which is what I’m doing. But it is unprofessional not to provide explicit reasons why any material was dumped. Google simply holds to a nasty habit of removing material unceremoniously.

It’s past due for an ingenious company to provide an alternative to YouTube.

In fairness, the Freedom Watch video was reinstated a day or two later, only in an inconvenient format. However, I know exactly how the Liberty Writers at must have felt the day Freedom Watch was canned.

On Tuesday, May 17, without any warning, Google stripped me of my gmail account, citing “unusual activity”.

Does “unusual activity” mean suddenly “excessive”? Not enough traffic? Or I was caught opening my account to print out documents from a commercial machine that used Google Chrome?

I had adamantly refused to install the browser in my computer despite Google carrying through on its threats to remove features such as “spell check” and “automatic draft”, further downgrading me to viewing copy in HTML only.

Nobody to whom I sent notices advising that my gmail address was defunct could offer any explanation for the cyberspace czar’s pulling such a bizarre con job on its subscribers.

Google “generously offered” to issue a “new access code” to my cell phone or voice mail when I provided my mobile phone number to them.

I neither have a cell phone number nor voice mail…which means I’ll never be back in that account again. And, since Google did not see its way clear to provide warning of the shut-out, any important mail that had yet to be backed-up elsewhere has been lost.

Even if I owned a cell phone, I don’t think I’d reinstate the gmail. I’ve had enough of Google’s Big Brother strong-arm, dictatorial tactics. This action does, however, seem incongruous in view of Google’s policy to get everybody in the world on a gmail account so they can gather statistics by snooping on our mail or posting it online.

Since cell phone numbers are not compiled into print or Internet directories like land line phone numbers are, my suspicious mind believes Google is shutting down gmail accounts as a devious way of collecting cell phone numbers from customers in order to establish a database which will be sold to the government, telemarketers and used by Google to promote its products to cell phone customers.

Well, surprise!

Google isn’t getting a cell number from me! And I have deleted Google from my computer (but they can still track me) in favor of as a search engine. So far, it works super-fine.

Anybody thinking of making the switch, don’t use the Bing search engine; it’s owned by Microsoft, which is controlled by and partially-owned by Google which is dangerously thick as thieves with the United Nations, governments at ever level and telecommunications corporations–all spying and eavesdropping on you.

Meanwhile, all I personally have to say to Google is “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

3 thoughts on “Blastogram: Be Aware and Beware Google

  1. I agree, Google has become hostile, predatory and extremely aggressive with respect to its “info-mining” as of late.

    If you watch closely you can see how your search results are manipulated by Google based on previous search histories. It is very very creepy.

    But there are ways to fight this.

    I frequently use these websites to do searches:

    The last two, Ixquick and Startpage, are the creation, in part, of Dr. Katherine Albrecht. She has written several books about the use spychips and the thrust of Google and Big Brother. Dr.Albrecht works quite closely with Jennifer Stoddart, the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

    For other private search engines simply look for “Proxy Servers”..but be very careful….some of these are traps.

    Searches can also be done by buying one laptop that is never used in your home….ever…or at any place you are known at, never, ever, ever!!!!!…you simply use it to do searches at places providing free internet service via wireless… an example…just sit close to a Starbucks or a Super 8 Motel…open your laptop….click “Control Panel”…click “Network Connections” “Wireless Network Connection” and then search through the drop down menu for a good connection.

    You can also do something that is quite popular, slightly illegal, but popular amongst kids…..its called “War Driving”…there you will find all the free internet you can handle. Look it up on the internet for details…search for “War Driving”

    Use an encryption system for all messages by doing the following.

    Send the person you are emailing, via snail-mail or personal face to face contact, a code word or password. Then send all your emails in a Word Document form…..before you send the message encrypt the “Tools”….”Options”….”Security”…then click the advanced tab and look for “RC4 Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic provider….then click 128 for Key Length…then click OK……then create your password for the document.

    Once this is sent….it is extremely difficult to crack….and if you play around with it you can send it as a document within an encrypted document.

    There is also

    This is a hidden encryption program that is impossible to find on your computer…if law enforcement ever searches your computer they may see the program but have no proof you used it for encrypting a document.

    There are very dark times on the horizon and we are hurtling towards them at breakneck speeds….

    Once the corporations gain control of the internet there will be a murderous, fascist blanket of silence that will cover most of the globe……its just around the corner.

    As for Big brother….we created him through apathy, laziness, ignorance and complacency….we are forging our own shackles and when we find ourselves virtual slaves we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

  2. Sorry…that’s

    And a couple of other things….get a good registry washing program.

    Do frequent re-formats of your hard drive.

    And use a good file shredding program…..

    Oh…..and remind me to tell you about my experience with Dell and a hidden microphone on my computer. Scared the hell outa me.

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