Why is the government so determined to molest children under the guise of security?

There is something deeply disturbing about a government that insists that molesting children in the name of “safety” is okay. It utterly boggles my mind that Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) pedophiles and sex offenders are granted total physical control over an entire traveling population, including our children.

What baffles me even more is that people continue to put up with this garbage.

Where is the public outcry?  Where is the public outrage?  Where are the demands that the TSA be reigned in from this insanity?

Sure, there are small pockets of outrage, but nothing co-ordinated or sustained.  No demands that the federal government regain its long-lost sense of common decency and dignity.

There was a glimmer of hope that Texas would stand tall and call the Feds’ bluff, but that was short-lived, not to mention incredibly disappointing.

Don’t Mess with Texas” just doesn’t have the meaning it used to, and that is very, very sad.

With Texas’s state pride gutted and their state senators running for the hills, it is up to other states to pick up the flag that Texas failed to hold high.

For when the choice for parents flying with their family is either

a) subject their children to radiation and having nude pictures of them taken, or
b) subject their children to the humiliation of being fondled by complete strangers

what choice should they make?

There is no third choice.

Deny the TSA sex offenders full and complete access to your or your child and you will, at a minimum, miss your flight.  You will then be charged with interfering with the security efforts of the TSA and face fines or jail time.

For what?

Insisting that your child be treated with dignity and respect, and not be molested by strangers?

As a society we are long past due to begin asking ourselves some very serious questions.  Questions such as:

  • Where is out personal sense of dignity?
  • Where is our moral outrage?
  • Why do we want to train our population to accept any and every indignity in the name of “security“?
  • Who gains from a population brow-beaten into accepting this kind of indignity?
  • Why are we so terrified to stand up for ourselves?

If we’re willing to allow federal agents to do absolutely anything they please, just because an asinine law was passed allowing them… we’ve all got some very serious soul-searching to do.



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