TSA threatens to “shut down Texas” if they dare outlaw TSA sexual assaults

In a move that shocks even the most jaded of us, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has threatened to shut down the entire air transportation system in Texas if the Texas State Legislature passes a law making it a crime to fondle the sexual bits of  air travelers.

The other day I applauded Texas for daring to take a stand against the TSA’s roving band of pedophiles and sex perverts.  It was courageous, it was brave, and it made me proud of my fellow human being, if only for a few minutes!

Then news broke about how some TSA lawyer had sent a threatening letter to the Texas State Legislature that warned of “dire consequences” if they passed the anti-TSA law.

What disgusts me is that after the seemingly brave Texas Legislature passed the bill, it seems all it took to get them to call a halt to the process was a single letter from some government shill.

Alex Jones was well beyond incensed at this news.  When I watched his rant on YouTube, filmed just prior to his personally heading down to the Texas Legislature to get in the faces of Texas lawmakers, I couldn’t help but smile and cheer him on.

Alex Jones may be many things, but nobody, and I mean nobody can deny that this man is an American Patriot.  He loves America more than his own life. Of that I am convinced.

What he despises more than the Devil himself is US federal tyranny.

Texas HB 1937, would have made it “A criminal act for security personnel to touch a person’s private areas without probable cause as a condition of travel or as a condition of entry into a public place,” had already passed the House unanimously 138-0.

It was, I’m sure, destined for the same resounding success in the Texas State  Senate.

Then the federal government stepped up its assault on Texas using Obama’s favourite weapon: government lawyers.

And the Texas State Senate cowered with their tails between their legs and peed all over themselves in fear.  (Thanks for that great visual Alex!)

It’s a sad day for Texas that their elected representatives didn’t have the balls to call the federal government on their bullshit.

Personally, I expected more from my good Texas friends.  I really did.

But fear of federal reprisals is a powerful motivator.  Nobody can deny that either.

My personal belief is that Texas screwed up on this, and screwed up bigtime.

They had a chance to shine the light of truth on the face of State Tyranny, and they failed the test.  They utterly and completely failed this test.

What caused them unanimously to run screaming like a bunch of scared schoolgirls?

A single letter.

United States Attorney wrote them a letter that said, in part (the entire letter is reprinted below):

If the Administrator determines that “a particular threat cannot be addressed in a way adequate to ensure … the safety of passengers and crew of a particular flight, he “shall cancel the flight or series of flights.”

Texas should have called their bluff.

We would then have seen the true face of Tyranny… Obama would have been forced to do one of two things:

1. Back down and leave Texas alone, or
2. Shut down every Texas airport and cancel all flights in and out of Texas

The beauty of those two options is that Texas would have won, either way.

Shut down air travel in Texas and the WHOLE WORLD gets to see how tyrannical the [alleged] Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave has become.

Fail to follow through on that promise and every State in the Union would see that there is an alternative to cowering to Federal government threats and intimidation.

That’s what I call a Win-Win situation.

Sadly, we will never know which choice Obama would have been forced to make.

The Texas State Senate couldn’t piss all over itself in fear fast enough.

That makes me sad.  It makes me angry.  It makes me want to drive down to the Texas State Legislature personally and ask each and every Texas State Senator one question:

Where are your balls?

You seem to have misplaced them.


May 24, 2011[On U.S. Department of Justice, Western District of Texas, stationery. Addressed to Speaker Joe Straus, Dewhurst, the House Clerk and the Senate Secretary]

Dear Leaders,

I write with regard to HB 1937, which I understand will imminently be presented to the Texas Senate for a vote.

This office, as well as the Southern, Northern, and Eastern District of Texas United States Attorneys, would like to advise you of the significant legal and practical problems that will be created if the bill becomes law. As you are no doubt aware, the bill makes it a crime for a federal transportation official (“TSO”) to perform the security screening that he or she is authorized and required by federal law to perform. The proposed legislation would make it unlawful for a federal agent such as a TSO to perform certain specified searches for the purpose of granting access to a publicly accessible building or form of transportation. That provision would thus criminalize searches that are required under federal regulations in order to ensure the safety of the American public. The legislation also makes it a crime for a public servant, as defined by the bill, to deny or impede another person in the exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege, knowing that the public servant’s conduct is unlawful. As a result, it appears the intent of the bill is to preclude a TSO from turning away from the secure area of an airport someone who otherwise would have been subjected to a pat down as a condition of entry.

The effect of this bill, if enacted, would be to interfere directly with the Transportation Security Administration’s (“TSA”) responsibility for civil aviation security. 49 U.S.C. §114(d); 6 U.S.C. §202(1). Congress has directed the Administrator of TSA to take “necessary actions to improve domestic air transportation security,” 49 U.S.C. §44904(e), and directed him to “prescribe regulations to protect passengers and property on an aircraft … against an act of criminal violence or aircraft piracy.” ID. §44903(b). Congress has directed TSA to provide for “the screening of all passengers and property … before boarding,” in order to ensure that no passenger is unlawfully carrying a dangerous weapon, explosive, or other destructive substance. Id. §44901(a), §44901(a), §114(e). If the Administrator determines that “a particular threat cannot be addressed in a way adequate to ensure … the safety of passengers and crew of a particular flight, he “shall cancel the flight or series of flights.” Id. §44905(b). HB 1937 would conflict directly with federal law. The practical import of the bill is that it would threaten criminal prosecution of Transportation Security Administration personnel who carry out the security procedures required under federal statutes and TSA regulations passed to implement those statutes. Those officials cannot be put to the choice of risking criminal prosecution or carrying out their federal duties. Under the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution, Texas has no authority to regulate federal agents and employees in the performance of their federal duties or to pass a statute that conflicts with federal law.

If HR [sic] 1937 were enacted, the federal government would likely seek an emergency stay of the statute. Unless or until such a stay were granted, TSA would likely be required to cancel any flight or series of flights for which it could not ensure the safety of passengers and crew.

We urge that you consider the ramifications of this bill before casting your vote.

Very truly yours,


John E. Murphy
United States Attorney

3 thoughts on “TSA threatens to “shut down Texas” if they dare outlaw TSA sexual assaults

  1. Once you strip away the chaff it boils down to a single thread that runs through all of our difficulties with personal liberties in North America……

    Islam and muslims…plain and simple…I will make no attempt to play silly little games separating the “good” muslims from the “bad” muslims…..until they start doing that themselves and doing it with prominence…..I blame them all…

    Of convenience to government is this need to erode personal liberties in the name of freedom and security……the TSA must be stopped taking ridiculous liberties and racial profiling must begin…we can start be stopping the practice of letting Burqa-ed women through without a search…..that’s just for starters…

    Good post Christopher

  2. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

    I’m not sure as to the exact meaning of this breezy Julie Andrews/Mary Poppins word.

    But, to me, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious has a special ring that seems more appropriate than “freakin’ fantastic” to describe the wholesome, freedom-loving, family-man Alex Jones’ passionate on-air polemic where this gifted, true-blue Texas patriot extemporaneously aroused 200 or more troops away from whatever they were doing on Wednesday afternoon to march over and enter the halls of the State House to pay a visit to their spineless senators.

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