Jack Layton “under fire”

Jack Layton is under a lot of heat to get his members of parliament in line with party policy.  Unfortunately for Jack, those rural riding members want to actually get re-elected.  Most won their seats by less than 2,000 votes, some substantially less, so listening to their constituents when it comes to “gun control” means the difference between getting elected or being forced into political retirement.

Desperately seeking a way to save face, Layton announced he would introduce a motion to change the Firearms Act and make it more palatable to rural Canadians.

Layton would introduce legislation in the House as a Private Member’s Bill to make a first-time failure to register a firearm a non-criminal ticketing offence and to waive fees for new licences.

Unfortunately, all Layton is doing is parroting Liberal leader Michael Ignatief’s proposed changes… not anything original. Except for one thing:

He would allow municipalities to ban handguns.

To Layton’s credit, he’s not making his plan contingent upon winning the next federal election, like Ignatief did.

A Liberal Election Promise… Doesn’t that mean “Say anything to get elected, then do what I want“?  Jean Cretien’s “I’ll scrap the GST election promise comes to mind…

All the NDP MPs that voted for Bill C-391 need to be encouraged to do so again.

They also need to be encouraged to vote NO on Liberal MP Mark Holland’s motion to kill C-391 in committee.

If you want to help ensure that C-391 is passed, visit Katey Montague’s website http://kateysfirearmsfacts.com for complete contact information for all of the opposition MPs who voted for Bill C-391 on 2nd Reading.

She’s even got a list of talking points to get you started if you don’t know what to say.


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