The end of per-vote subsidies is in sight… at last!

One of Jean Chretien’s legacies is about to go the way of the dinosaur, and not a moment too soon, as far as I’m concerned.  The only question that remains is whether the end of this ridiculous trough-feeding exercise will be instant or gradual.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again today.  If a political party’s ideas, platforms, policies and beliefs are valid, they will resonate with potential voters.  That will in turn be reflected in the amount of donations that political party can raise from its supporters.

We want political parties to raise funds directly from their supporters and not the taxpayers. So as soon as we can get that passed, that process will begin,Democratic Minister Tim Uppal told Postmedia news.



If, for example, your political party believes that everyone is entitled to the earnings of another, then naturally you will have all the folks who don’t want to work or help build our economy voting for you… it’s in their own self-interest, after all, to want to help themselves to someone else’s bank account.

However, those people don’t have any money to give your political party, do they?

Of course not… anything they’ve got will have to first be stolen from productive members of society under threat of exorbitant legal fees and ultimately jail time.

Naturally your political party will have a hard time raising money from people who don’t have it.

They will also have a hard time raising money from the people who do, simply because of those policies aimed at stealing from the productive members of society.

The answer, at least according to Jean Chretien’s Liberals, and heartily endorsed by Jack Layton’s NDP, is to steal that money from the people who will never vote for you.

Simple solution, really.  What you cannot obtain by generosity, you take by force.

“Taxpayers shouldn’t have to support political parties that they don’t support,” he said. “I wanted to change this but . . . unless we have a majority government we will never attempt to change it because we know that in a minority government you could never move this forward.”
— Stephen Harper

I for one am very grateful that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is moving so quickly to keep this election promise.  My sincere hope is that he will simply end this practice, effective immediately.

There is no need to “wean political parties from their subsidies”.  That though is even more absurd than giving them the subsidies in the first place!

But the thing that makes me happiest today is watching all the squealing and mewling from the pigs at the trough as they see their free lunch coming to an end.

Jack Layton’s squealing like the trough-feeding pig he is, claiming that ending party subsidies is an “attack against democracy.”

Jack, get a life!  I know it’s impossible for you to comprehend, but you are NOT entitled to the contents of my wallet!

The Bloc Quebecois, NDP and Green Party will now have to actually raise money from people who believe in their respective platforms.

That alone should make for some interesting electioneering in four years, don’t you think?

Can you imagine what Elizabeth May will do when she no longer has access to a million dollars a year from the federal trough?  I’m willing to bet it will show her to be a “one hit wonder” come next election.

Or Jack Layton’s 100+ new MPs?  I can see that number cut in half in four years time…

Now, doesn’t that thought just put a smile on your face?



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