Allen West – a man speaking the truth to a nation that doesn’t want to hear it

Never, in the history of the United States of America has there been a president that has done so much to put a great nation on her knees with her throat laid bare in the face of her enemies than Barack Obama. There are words to describe the stewardship of a nation Barack Obama has brought to the Oval Office and treason and sedition are two of them.

With no real world experience, no military experience, no business experience and very little life experience Barack Obama is a shell of a man who, riding on the coat tails of great orators and leaders like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, gave us nothing more then feel-good speeches and a shell game dressed up as true leadership. America is now paying the price, in full, for electing a grifter.

An embarrassment to every American, Obama spends his time globetrotting, kissing the asses of tin-pot dictators and those who would do us harm. Adding insult to injury, Obama has actually apologised to the world for what made the United States of America great. The time has come to remove from the White House a man who places the act of kissing the asses of Saudi sheiks over his obligations to American citizens.

Allen West is the best hope for helping the greatest republic in the history of the world to stand up, dust herself off and move forward with leading the world the way it has done for hundreds of years. He speaks with no political or multicultural correctness.

He is an experienced front line soldier and now an elected congressman. He speaks without hesitation and with authority to that which seeks to do America harm, islam. There is no guessing what runs through Allen West’s mind nor what he brings to the table should he be elected president. Even treasonous guests like Nihad Awad and Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR know that should Allen West be elected to the White House their remaining time on the continent of North America would be measured in hours.

On a personal note, with respect to Awad and Hooper and the rest of the thugs at CAIR, it will be my distinct pleasure to be standing at the airport handing each and every one of you, including every member of your families, a bag lunch as you board the plane destined for the islamic toilet of a country of your choice………..start packing……your flight should be leaving soon.
Here is a nice piece of video…..

Regards, Don Laird

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