Thank God we’re safe from dangerous 72-year-olds!

The Canadian Border Services agency and the RCMP are crowing over their ability to protect Canadians from the dangers of 70-year-old Americans, as well they should.

It’s not every day that such dangerous and violent men as Fred Rodolf cruise into Canadian waters, you know.   Who cares if he was just stopping briefly on his way to Alaska?  The law is the law!

So says the latest shining light of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Cpl. Linda Simpson, currently working with the Outer Gulf Islands Detachment, according to the Victoria Times-Colonist article.

“They carry handguns around in the pockets like Smarties. To them, owning guns is commonplace. It’s a fundamental right and their beliefs are deep-rooted. But we’re very different,” said Simpson.

It’s a quote more suitable to a politician during election time, than to a member of our supposedly-venerable national police force.

It’s also very wrong, and highlights the RCMP’s bias against firearms and firearm owners.

As much as the ill-informed Cpl. Linda Simpson would prefer you believe otherwise, Canadians own guns.  Lots of guns.

Her claim that “we’re very different” is also, I guess I have to use the word “misleading“, since calling Ms. Simpson a liar is probably bad form.

While Canadian authorities go to great lengths to state the contrary, the reality is that our American cousins and we good Canadians share an identical common-law history.  Just because our American cousins were smart enough to codify their right to bear arms in the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, we good Canadians have the very same rights, flowing from the very same place.

We just weren’t smart enough to codify it as clearly as our American cousins.

Contrary to the likes of Cpl. Linda Simpson and other equally ill-informed state minions would have us believe, Canadians have the “fundamental right” to protect themselves, and it is also very “deep-rooted“.

The difference in Canada is that we take great pride [sarcasm mode ON] in getting dangerous men like 72-year-old Fred Rodolf off the streets, while we leave the actual violent and dangerous criminals completely alone.

It’s an absurd system, and one that will likely punish this good and honest businessman for the “crime” of being an American with firearms in his possession and making a stop in Canada on his way to Alaska.

Does punishing Fred Rodolph make any sense?

Not in any real-world scenario, but in the eyes of [alleged] American-hater RCMP Cpl. Linda Simpson, it’s one for the “win” column.

Rodolf has been charged with making a false statement to Canada Border Services officers, three counts of smuggling loaded handguns, three counts of unlawful possession of a firearm and three counts of unlawful possession of a firearm. He was released on $2,000 cash bail and resumed his journey to Alaska.

Yes, such a horrific danger to our Canadian way of life that we let the old man leave the country the very same day after posting a $2,000 bail.

We’re now going to waste a ton of court time to prosecute a man that is absolutely no threat to Canada or Canadians… because we can.

Wouldn’t we be better served finding the killer or killers of the young man gunned down on Vancouver’s Hornby Street in February?

Or aren’t the people and gun used to murder that young man deemed “dangerous” to the public?

Naw, 72-year-olds that check in with Customs on their way to Alaska make way easier targets.   We don’t even have to go looking for them, unlike the murderer or murderers who gunned down a man on a busy street at 8:30 in the evening…

Must be “The Great Canadian Way” or some such garbage, if the likes of RCMP Cpl. Linda Simpson are to be believed.

Damn them gun-totin’ yankees and their chicklets!


NOTE: A word of warning to my American friends.  If you’re planning on coming to Canada, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

If you’re planning on bringing firearms into Canada, make sure you find out which pile of red tape applies to you, and follow it to the letter.  Otherwise you can expect the same garbage that Fred Rodolph now faces.  Here is a page from the RCMP website that pertains to Visitors and Non-Residents of Canada and their firearms and has links to the various forms you may require.


2 thoughts on “Thank God we’re safe from dangerous 72-year-olds!

  1. I’m a personal friend of Fred’s. Fred is one of the nicest good guys i know of. Fred is a hard working good-hearted guy. This neo-nazi Linda Simpson should thank God for real Americans like Fred Rodolf. Without men like Fred, Linda would be working for the nazis.

    Thank God for the United States and good men like Fred. On the other hand, I believe Linda Simpson would fit right in with the nazi’s due to the fact she has a nazi, national socialist attitude of taking away are guns. In a fair world we in the United States would declare war on Canada and lock up Linda Simpson for being stupid!!!!

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