communist broadcasting corp (CBC) at it again…

The CBC (aka communist broadcasting corporation) is demanding we save Canada’s failed gun registry.  Their reasons are simple enough… the RCMP says it’s an important tool.  They quote a line from the unreleased report that says:

The program, as a whole, is an important tool for law enforcement. It also serves to increase accountability of firearm owners for their firearms.

That statement has about as much credibility as “The world is flat”…  a statement once deemed true because the policy-makers of the day refused to face facts.

The CBC has obviously been leaked a copy of the report by RCMP officials intent on keeping their bloated bureaucracy in place.  The facts don’t matter to these folks, just as it didn’t to the “official government policy” flat-landers a few centuries ago.

Lorne Gunter says it best in his latest editorial

Many pundits have urged that Cheliak be listened to on the registry because he was in charge of the four officers murdered by James Roszko at Mayerthorpe in March 2005. Once again, though, the registry did nothing to stop this horrendous massacre.

Exactly.  The four slain officers in Mayerthorpe, Alberta deserve better than keeping the very tool that cost them their lives.

See Katey Montague’s YouTube video. The Fallen Four,  if you want all the details.

The Association of Chiefs of Police and the Canadian Police Association are hardly credible sources of information on this or any subject that relates to jobs that could be lost.  They are lobby groups, pure and simple, whose sole reason for living is to guarantee that their members keep their union jobs, no matter how useless and ineffective they might be.

Of course a union employee is going to say his job is essential!  He’s got a vested interest in keeping that job!

We don’t let unions dictate public policy in any other area of society, so why are we willing to let police unions dictate it now?

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