Ezra Levant on Bell Canada’s Business Practices

Bell Canada is refusing to carry Sun TV.  They’re afraid of the competition for their own CTV network, and with good reason. People want to watch Sun TV, and that will cost them viewers.

Their short-sighted and protectionist attitude, however, will be costing them and their resellers, like Telus, a lot of customers.

Shaw carries Sun TV, and is happy to do so.  Shaw understands that their customers want the channel.  Pretty simple market economics really.  It’s kind of surprising that the honchos at Bell don’t comprehend that.

But, in the end it’s their business and their choice to carry whatever channels they want.

It’s also the customer’s choice to choose a service provider that is willing to provide the services we want.

As Ezra rightly says in the video clip below, if you get your television service from Bell or Telus, switch it to Shaw.  Switch your internet service while you’re at it.

And if you have a cell phone with Bell… now might be a really good time to give the honchos at Bell a call at 1-888-759-3474 and let them know why you’re canceling your cell phone account with Bell and switching it to someone else.

Vote with your dollars.  It’s the only message Bell Canada will hear.


1 thought on “Ezra Levant on Bell Canada’s Business Practices

  1. Bell Canada is scared of Sun TV and knows it is not “just another news network” as left-leaning CTV head honcho Craig Oliver condescendingly said to Ezra before Sun was launched on April 18.

    Sun News Network has been blowing the Marxist mainstream networks ratings out of the water since inauguration day, less than a month ago.

    And Sun will continue to do so with its fresh approach and strong voice debunking the spins and myths coming from the Marxist mainstream media.

    Canadians were in dire need of commentators like Ezra and his outspoken colleagues who believe in and will speak up for justice, common sense, free speech, natural law, common law, Magna Carta, the Constitution, property rights–all the things the Marxist mainstream media–including the Canadian Brainwashing Corporation–are so determined to grab away from Canadians.

    I am locked into Internet and phone service with Northwestel, a monopoly owned by Bell Canada.

    But the rest of you? I agree with Christopher and Ezra. If Bell Canada can’t see its way clear to pay to carry Sun News Network, then cancel your business with the censorial Bell Canada and subscribe to another TV and Internet and cell phone service provider.

    We don’t need more censorship in this country; we need more freedom of choice.

    It’ll be like a breath of spring air watching Bell Canada Board members wondering what hit them when their business dries up.

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