Katey Montague is doing a little fundraising

Katey Montague, the bright young lady whose YouTube videos helped her father raise over $250,000 in legal fees for his Constitutional Challenge, is embarking on a new venture and is looking for some financial assistance.  Her new website, KateysFirearmsFacts.com, is her launchpad for educating Canadians about all their Rights and Freedoms and providing tools to more effectively communicate with our elected representatives.

Katey started off focused on guns because of her father’s Constitutional Challenge, but wants to broaden her activism to include all our rights, as guaranteed under English Common Law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  While her website is in the final stages of completion, she’s decided to ask some help with the costs of software development, email services and writers.

Right now, for example, she has an email campaign underway for Candice Hoeppner’s Bill C-391 to scrap Canada’s gun registry.

If you have a few bucks to spare, please consider donating them to Katey’s newest venture.   To show her appreciation for your donation, Katey has some gifts for you too.  Check out her website for complete details… and to make it easy I’ve copied her donation widget below as well.

And if you donate $100 or more to her campaign, I’ll add copies of my three documentaries Good Men vs. Bad Law, Illegal Acts, and Shootout At Rock Creek.  Consider it my way of thanking you for supporting such a fine and Freedom-loving young lady.


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