Happy Retirement to some MPs that really needed to go

I’ve got to be honest… I’m really happy to see some former MPs punted into retirement today.  The only thing that tempers my joy at seeing these morons sent packing, is that some of the morons that needed to be retired somehow managed to retain their seats.

The MPs I’m referring to here are the NDP Turncoats… the MPs that said they would vote to scrap the registry and then flip-flopped after being bitch-slapped by Smilin’ Jack… Malcolm Allen and Claude Gravelle.

Hedi Fry retains the seat she’s held in downtown Vancouver for far too long.  I was actually hopeful that the old battleaxe would have been sent packing, but sadly, such was not the case.  I’ll have to  remain hopeful for the next election.

Now for the happy news highlights!

Ujjal Dosanjh – The man who took BC down the drain will now have to survive on his provincial and federal pensions now that he’s been sent packing into retirement.  The poor guy might actually have to get a job to keep himself in the style he’s become accustomed to… after sucking off the public teet all his life.

Larry Bagnell – Here’s a Liberal without a backbone… too terrified of his party leader to vote the way his constituents demanded when the gun registry bill came up for a vote.  Anyone with that little backbone doesn’t deserve to his seat in Parliament.  Congratulations to the good people of Yukon Territory for dumping their gutless representative in favour of one who will rid them of the gun registry.

Gille Duceppe was sent packing too.  The Bloc Quebecois leader has gone down in flames, as has his entire party.  As I write this they are looking to hold only 2 seats, and even those are not confirmed at this point.

Michael Ignatieff booked his flight out about ten minutes after the polls closed!   He was only visiting here anyway, so I can’t say I’m sad to see him head back to his teaching job in the United States.  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of the country Mike!

Mark Holland, “that smug little creep” as one friend of mine called him in an email tonight, has been retired.  Good riddance.

Marcel Proulx, Lise Zarac, Joe Volpe, Navdeep Bains, Paul Szabo, Bonnie Crombie, Dan McTeague all get to go home and find a new job, while enjoying their fat MP pensions.

Jean-Claude D’Amours, Todd Russell, Ken Dryden, all get to go home too, which again, makes me very sad.  (kidding!)

Lastly, the bizarre news….

Green Party leader Elizabeth May actually beat out the incumbent Conservative candidate to win the Green Party seat in history.  Go figure.  They must be smoking some of that famous BC Bud over there.

1 thought on “Happy Retirement to some MPs that really needed to go

  1. The biggest surprise to me about the aftermath of the electoral trainwreck and strewn carnage was that Conservative freshman Mark Strahl won his seat.

    He not only won, he lapped up more than 57 percent of the votes in the riding of Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon that, due to his frequent absences from public appearances, I never believed he wanted to win. I thought his name was put forward for show.

    As an arm-chair observer from afar, I’d say he must be running in a Tory-devoted jurisdiction and the constituents overlooked the fact he only showed up for three out of 10 public debates.

    According to an article headed “The Son Also Rises” published in the Chilliwack Times the day after the election, “While Strahl walked away victorious, for the first time in decades there was chatter on the street and at all-candidates meetings about whether this Tory might be defeatable,” wrote Paul J. Henderson.

    “Before the writ even dropped, controversy erupted within the Conservative Party because of an abbreviated nomination process that angered some long-time party members and garnered regional, provincial and national media attention.

    “Then there was Strahl’s invisibility in the campaign: He attended just three all-candidates meetings out of 10…Unlike in recent elections, where Chuck Strahl easily won over mostly unknown Liberals and New Democrats, Mark was much less known than his father.”

    Well, I’d say Mark was riding on his popular father’s coattails to some extent. But somewhere I believe I read that, yes, his team was definitely aware of the criticism about Mark not attending the all-candidate forums, but he accredited his success to talking one-on-one with constituents on the doorsteps.

    It obviously worked in his favor.

    I congratulate him on his win. He will have a hard row to hoe, for there now will be great expectations on him to give a stellar performance in Ottawa to carry on his father’s legacy.

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