Breaking News: Michael Ignatieff books ticket back to US

Shocking as it might sound, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is trailing his Conservative challenger in his own riding. Word on the street is that he’s already booked a flight out of the country.

Sun TV reports the following:

  • Harper is re-elected easily
  • Jack Layton is re-elected easily
  • Michael Ignatieff is trailing by 974 votes with about 50% of the polls reporting.
  • Gilles Duceppe is losing in his own riding by over 2,000 votes, and
  • Elizabeth May claims she will win, but so far hasn’t had a single vote cast for her in her own riding outside of her own campaign staff.


Not surprisingly the NDP has wiped the “natural governing party” right off the Canadian Electoral Map, and they’ve done the same to the Bloc Quebecois, who look to be held out of official party status.

In Canadian parliament, if you don’t have 12 MPs elected, you are not recognized as an official political party and receive no funding, etc.

Wonderful news for Canada that the party that wants to break the country up is all but wiped out.

Also noteworthy is that so-called “Liberal Party Rock Star” candidate Justin Trudeau is in third place in his riding.  If that result holds, it will be a great day for Canada.  The last thing we need is a return to his father’s failed policies.


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