If Layton’s and Ignatieff’s Current Spending Habits are anything to go by…

If Layton’s current spending habits are anything to go by… then an NDP-led coalition government with the Liberals will lead us down the road of financial ruin.

That’s a pretty strong statement, but I stand by it for this reason:  Government records of MP spending shows that Jack Layton tops spending by all MPs in the House of Commons. The thing is, he’s not spending his money, he’s spending yours.

Government records show that Jack Layton spent $628,913.68 for the fiscal year 2009-2010.  Layton, of course, was quick to defend his face down in the public trough by saying that other party leaders had other budgets to draw from that he did not.

That’s a great excuse, but it hardly explains why his wife, Olivia Chow, had her face down in the public trough to the tune of $530,304.73 for the same reporting period.

Funnily enough, Layton was completely silent on the issue of his wife’s piggish spending of public funds.

Between them, the married couple of Layton and Chow account for $1.159 million dollars annually in “expenses”.  Not a bad haul for a married couple, considering it doesn’t take into account their annual salaries or any other perks of feeding at the government trough!

Michael Ignatieff, the failed Liberal party leader, managed to spend $570,984.10 for that one-year period, outspending the piggish Olivia Chow by only $40,000, or a little under the average Canadian family’s annual salary.

Every dime Jack Layton, Olivia Chow and Michael Ignatieff spends each year is a dime that the federal government steals out of your pockets and mine through taxation.

There is no other place for it to come from.

As was widely reported last week, 41% of the total annual income of Canadians is stolen by government in the form of taxation.

And Layton wants to steal billions more from our pockets annually.  That’s the platform he’s running on this election, and that we vote on in tomorrow’s election.

All that will do is kill our economy and send us back into a recession. Canada doesn’t need that.  Canada can’t afford that.

And Stephen Harper?

Harper is a penny pincher in comparison to Layton, Chow and Ignatieff, spending only $281,255.67, and he’s the Prime Minister of the country.

If anything you’d expect the Prime Minister to have more expenses to deal with, not half that of the trough-feeders like Jack Layton, Olivia Chow and Michael Ignatieff.

God help us all if these three morons form government along with help from Gilles Duceppe ($482,602.58) after Monday’s federal election.

Can you imagine “Finance Minister Libby Davies”?   That prospect alone should terrify even the most left-leaning of Canadians!

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