Cleveland’s “Garbage Police” Are After You

Someone sent me this video clip from Fox News about Cleveland’s new high-tech garbage and recycling cans.  I was laughing until I realized the Cleveland City representative was 100% okay with fining you if you don’t take your recycling to the curb when they say you should.

Or that Cleveland’s new “garbage police” would go through your garbage piece by piece and fine you if you were not separating your garbage and recycling “properly”.

I was astounded at the attitude of this bureaucrat.  To paraphrase him in the interview… “if you just do as you’re told you have nothing to fear.”  Where have we heard that before?

The program cost $2.5 million dollars… so they can track your garbage cans and make sure you’re placing them at the curb.

Don’t the meddling bureaucrats at Cleveland City Hall have something better to do?  Like maybe getting a real job that contributes to the economy, instead of sucking the live out of the good citizens of Cleveland?

Drew Cary must sure be embarrassed.

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