Katey Montague releases video in support of Lawrence Manzer

Canadian Freedom advocate Katey Montague has just published a video to her YouTube website in support of New Brunswick resident Lawrence Manzer, who is facing charges of “possession of a weapon dangerous to the public peace.”

Manzer was charged last year after he and neighbour Brian Fox apprehended three drunken teenagers who had been vandalizing and stealing from their neighbourhood for over six months.

In reality it was Brian Fox who did the “apprehending” of one of the teenagers, while Manzer stood on his porch with his unloaded shotgun after asking his wife to call 9-1-1.

In what can be described no other way than an affront to justice, Brian Fox was charged with assault and Manzer with “pointing a firearm” even though he never pointed his unloaded shotgun at anyone.

That charge was later dropped in favour of the charge he now faces, that of “weapon dangerous”.

But Katey does a far better job of describing the entire sordid affair than I can, so please, watch her video here or on her YouTube channel KateysFirearmsFacts.



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