Mark Strahl MIA at another All Candidates Meeting

The Anointed One was, once again, Missing In Action at the latest All Candidates Debate held in Chilliwack this past Tuesday evening.  For a candidate who was expected by The Party to take over the the riding of Chilliwack — Fraser Canyon from his father, he’s certainly not acting like an MP-to-be.

I wonder what he’s so afraid of?  There must be something or he’d actually show up for questioning by the people he claims to want to represent.

Unless “representing” us isn’t what Mark has in mind at all…  and he’s just looking to hop onto the Government Gravy Train for the next six years… you know… just long enough to get one of those gold-plated MP pensions like his Dad now has?

His father always had the balls to face his constituents, even when he knew we weren’t pleased with him.  It’s a trait that appears not to have been passed on the The Anointed One.

His pattern of citing “prior engagements” every time there is an All Candidates meeting is wearing pretty thin for a lot of people in this riding, me included.

We’re less than ten days until the election and Mark Strahl has yet to show his face.  It’s a heck of a way to run an election campaign.

It’s not that I’ll be voting for the guy of course… I won’t.  I simply can’t stomach the way the Strahl family and the Prime Minister’s office handled the non-existent candidate selection process in this riding.   Had the Strahl family acted with any integrity at all, there would actually have been a candidate selection process instead of a Coronation for The Anointed One to carry his father’s torch.

But despite Mark Strahl’s coronation and the fallout from it, he will likely be elected unless the Liberal or NDP candidate pulls something good out of their hat before election day.

On the bright side, at least for those who feel the same as I do, this should prove to be a close election for the first time in a long time for this riding.

Had his father been running, this would have been another slam-dunk for the senior Strahl.

Thankfully, his son appears to be not quite the man his father is, and will face a lot of hurdles in getting elected on May 2nd.




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