BC Human Rights Tribunal continues to prove how ridiculous it is

Believe it or not people… gay, straight, or whatever… and contrary to the moronic ruling in Pardy v Earle (April 20, 2011 Decision — 107 pages), “being offended” is not a violation of your Human Rights.

I read through the entire United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and guess what… it’s not there.

That didn’t stop the [alleged] morons at the BC Human Rights Tribunal from manufacturing that right though, did it?

The BC border should now have big signs posted along it that say:

Welcome to British Columbia! We hope you’ve left your sense of humour at home, because British Columbia is officially a “no-humour zone.” We’re also not big fans of Free Speech, so you’d best leave that behind as well.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

Human Rights Tribunals are nothing more than state-sanctioned kangaroo courts, where [alleged] morons make up the rules as they go, and nowhere in Canada are they more absurd and out of touch with reality than in British Columbia.

The latest case of utter stupidity emanating from the BC Human Rights Tribunal revolves around a gay woman who had her feelings hurt at a comedy nightclub four years ago.

This case is a classic example of poor behaviour all around. Lorna Pardy and her then-lover were sitting outside on the patio. They were brought inside by staff when the patio was being closed for the night.

They decided the best thing to do in front of a stand-up was to sit in the front row and start making out with each other.

Naturally, the comedian on the stage made comments. Shocking, right? If you’re stupid enough to make out with your girlfriend in the front row of a comedy club, you’re gonna get comments from the guy with the microphone.

And… you’re probably not going to like those comments. Again, shocking.

The Georgia Straight paper reported on this story and their telling of only half of it enraged even their own readers.

This is absolutely absurd….and shame on The Straight for offering only half of the truth.

This case is complete BS, brought forth and made frivolous by an activist lawyer (PTSD? Shell shock for a response to heckling??) and will be overturned if the respondents appeal to a real court, with real judges and real lawyers.

Frankly, she should be charged with assault and made to pay for the indignity she caused him.

This is why the tribunal is a complete joke.

What is completely laughable and frankly, insulting to every man and woman who has ever been in a combat zone, is that this ditzy bitch dares claim she has suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of the incident.

Yes, Lorna Pardy actually had the nerve to claim in court that she now suffers from PTSD.  I submit she has no clue what the term even means.  She surely doesn’t suffer from it, that much is a given.

She is an insult to all the brave men and women who have served their country, past, present and future, and one would hope that she will eventually be ashamed of her disgusting actions.

Now that that’s off my chest…

The mere fact that you’re pissed off about what the guy on stage says, it’s not a violation of your human rights. Tossing a couple of drinks in his face certainly doesn’t make you the “bigger woman”, either.

Speaking of which… what about the comedian’s basic human right not to have drinks thrown in his face?

Damn… I forgot… he’s a straight white male… he has no rights.

I’m hardly alone in my belief that this latest ruling from the [alleged] idiots at the BC Human Rights Tribunal are way out of line. I’ve got some good company.

I’ll go into some of the recent and more asinine decisions from this anti-freedom hit squad later this week… I’ve got to wade through dozens of stupid decisions to see which ones to write about first.


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